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Hollywoodbets Scottsville Wed 29 Jul 11:05

Race 1 Maiden Juvenile Plate 1100m Win time: 63.7s

10Bold Horizon660.0B Jacobson50-1
20.15Jacalac1060.0S Randolph60-1
30.40Rite Of Passage1360.0R Fourie14-1
42.10Calvino360.0D Dillon66-1
52.70Burning Wings960.0A Marcus27-20
63.90Ticket To Cairo860.0A Arries7-1
74.20Eyes On Tiger1260.0L Hewitson17-4
85.80Glory And Sunshine160.0G Lerena12-1
97.60Steeplechase460.0K de Melo9-1
107.65Varvacious257.5S Moodley40-1
118.25Epic Soliloquy1460.0C Murray75-1
1211.05Nostradamus1160.0S Veale20-1
1314.45Coexist1560.0reserve 150-1
1415.25Cape Foulwind760.0A Mgudlwa66-1

Hollywoodbets Scottsville Wed 29 Jul 11:40

Race 2 Maiden Juvenile Plate 1100m Win time: 63.37s

10Tai Gold460.0L Hewitson5-3
20.40Brabanzio260.0J Jacobs18-1
31.90Lord Wylie1060.0D Dillon12-1
42.90Bernie's Dream1160.0J Gates17-4
53.90Rain Must Fall660.0G Lerena12-1
66.70Valencia1360.0M Yeni10-1
76.95Green Phantom1560.0reserve 133-1
87.20Freedom Dancer860.0K Sakayi66-1
97.45Captain Seager160.0K de Melo45-1
108.55Battle Of Stirling360.0R Fourie147-20
119.65El Torero1260.0S Veale20-1
1211.05Sanctity760.0S Moodley55-1
1313.35Chakalaka Guy1460.0C Zackey66-1
1414.55Black And Gold960.0J Mphanya66-1

Hollywoodbets Scottsville Wed 29 Jul 12:15

Race 3 Maiden Juvenile Plate (Fillies) 1400m Win time: 85.38s

10Netta1460.0L Hewitson14-1
21.40My Lady1160.0C Zackey5-1
31.65Admire Me960.0A Mgudlwa15-1
41.95Pinch Me260.0M Yeni20-1
52.20Wings Of Fire760.0C Murray6-1
62.25Freestate Star560.0S Veale15-2
75.45Nirvana Girl360.0W Kennedy59-20
85.95Legend Has It1360.0K Sakayi8-1
99.55Royal Couture1260.0E S Ngwane75-1
1012.75Straw Dancer460.0T Godden66-1
1113.95Capriana860.0S Moodley7-1
1222.65Taraji1060.0G Wright75-1

Hollywoodbets Scottsville Wed 29 Jul 12:45

Race 4 Maiden Juvenile Plate 1600m Win time: 97.81s

10Validus660.0C Zackey9-10
21.90Free To Win360.0L Hewitson57-20
32.20The Eighth Lord1260.0D Dillon30-1
42.90Silver Palace1160.0R Fourie28-1
54.10King's Crusade460.0G Wright11-2
66.40Piquillin860.0K de Melo80-1
712.10Origami1060.0S Moodley30-1
812.60King Of The Ring960.0A Arries80-1
913.00Vitus Beiring760.0S Veale80-1
1013.90Awesome Xoxo260.0J Mphanya80-1
1113.95Bohemian Lad160.0B Jacobson100-1
1216.75Hello Again560.0J Jacobs80-1
1321.05Vihaan The Riggler1360.0T Gumede80-1
1421.35No Looking Back1460.0W Kennedy40-1

Hollywoodbets Scottsville Wed 29 Jul 1:20

Race 5 Maiden Plate (F&M) 1100m Win time: 63.19s

10Keep The Lights On1257.0R Fourie8-15
22.30Palmheart1360.0T Gumede20-1
32.35Blanchetta1060.0K de Melo33-1
43.85Constantia660.0A Arries22-1
54.25Soweto Hall857.0L Hewitson14-1
66.75Casadoro457.0J Jacobs55-1
78.45Capulet's Heart757.0M Yeni15-1
88.50Im Attracktive557.0T Godden75-1
98.75Just The Wind957.0K Sakayi75-1
109.55Airbuzz1157.0W Kennedy12-1
1110.05Conker The World1457.0D Dillon20-1
1213.35Montfort257.0S Randolph55-1
1315.85Rain Wear1557.0reserve 125-1
1421.25Shadow Magic360.0G Wright75-1

Hollywoodbets Scottsville Wed 29 Jul 1:55

Race 6 MR 79 Handicap 1600m Win time: 96.52s

10Quintay458.5C Zackey12-1
21.50Brilliant Disguise959.5M Yeni137-20
31.80Brass Bell761.0D Dillon15-2
43.10Black Fox1059.5L Hewitson93-20
53.60Dinetto358.5S Moodley14-1
64.30Gimme Peace1162.5K de Melo22-1
74.35Fred158.0A Marcus15-2
84.60Number Eight1358.0R Fourie22-1
96.80Antigonus860.5G Lerena6-1
107.60Knight Warrior1656.5reserve 225-1
118.10The Master260.0S Veale9-1
1210.90Baby Lets Mambo557.5S Randolph40-1
1312.40Opensea659.0W Kennedy20-1
1416.80Rain Dance1257.5A Arries33-1

Hollywoodbets Scottsville Wed 29 Jul 2:35

Race 7 MR 65 Handicap (F&M) 1950m Win time: 120.27s

10Purple And Gold553.0J Gates17-1
20.05Queen's Plain156.0W Kennedy26-10
32.55Clara855.5R Fourie7-1
43.25Duntoche1456.5reserve 15-1
53.30Basetsana1061.0A Marcus29-4
63.35Skyfire1256.5L Hewitson17-1
74.15Lady Sharon753.0G Wright35-1
84.25San's Dancer260.0D Dillon29-4
94.55Adorable Analia659.5S Veale17-1
105.55Green Ice1360.0T Godden9-1
115.65Janice's Secret352.0M Yeni30-1
128.15Parkdale1155.0J Jacobs50-1
1310.25Irish Pearl961.0S Moodley30-1

Hollywoodbets Scottsville Wed 29 Jul 3:10

Race 8 MR 74 Handicap (F&M) 1400m Win time: 84.79s

10Sanskrift360.0C Zackey24-10
20.10Arrabiata259.0K de Melo6-1
30.90Miss Khalifa1357.0L Hewitson17-4
42.60Talia Al Ghul455.5A Arries33-1
52.70Spiffy954.5S Randolph11-1
62.75Sheik's Storm1456.0G Lerena22-1
73.35Flaming Desire153.0J L Samuel13-1
86.35La Duchesse1055.0J Gates30-1
97.15Ms Rosa Parks656.5M Yeni8-1
1010.55Kildonan Bay560.0S Veale14-1
1110.80Mocha Rose1258.5W Kennedy20-1
1226.20Stormy Miss759.5B Jacobson50-1
13DistKatie's Treasure859.0T Godden50-1

Hollywoodbets Scottsville Wed 29 Jul 3:50

Race 9 MR 67 Handicap 1200m Win time: 69.33s

10Maa Nonu357.5S Moodley7-1
20.25Master Boulder460.5L Hewitson14-1
30.30Windy Flight1658.5reserve 221-4
40.45Roy's Magic961.0J L Samuel9-1
50.85Belton Road1055.0N Patel22-1
61.75Swagger Jagger1360.5T Gumede33-10
73.05Jonathan757.5R Fourie8-1
83.45Candle Cove1160.0W Kennedy14-1
912.45Juniper Lane661.0K de Melo12-1
1016.15Johnny Black560.5T Godden28-1
1117.25Starlighttemptress159.5E S Ngwane30-1
1219.75Fives Wild1259.0D Dillon25-1
1330.05Mystic Dreamer856.0C Murray22-1

Hollywoodbets Scottsville Wed 29 Jul 4:25

Race 10 MR 78 Handicap 1000m Win time: 56.71s

10Gemcutter959.0L Hewitson12-10
20.25Hampton Court356.0M Yeni10-1
30.85Washington Square558.5J Jacobs18-1
41.25Alfonsa Spagoni456.0K de Melo16-1
53.65What A Seven1356.0B Jacobson75-1
64.05Constantine1259.0S Veale16-1
74.10Somewhere In Time760.0R Fourie15-1
84.20Mojito Magic158.0A Marcus12-1
95.30Krishnies Jet258.0E S Ngwane40-1
106.30Blaze Of Silk1062.5G Wright8-1
116.55Leslies Pathtofame1459.0T Godden45-1
127.35Lasata857.5C Zackey33-1
1310.05Ronnie Rocket657.5M H Zuma12-1
1410.65Presumptuous1159.0D Dillon75-1