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Kenilworth Sat 22 Aug 12:35

Race 1 Maiden Plate (3yo) 1200m Win time: 76.58s

10Gainsford1160.0M Byleveld33-20
26.25Ticket To Ride260.0B Fayd'Herbe7-1
36.55Beni Des Dieux760.0R Khathi80-1
46.95Red Lark1560.0not declared21-2
57.35Mach Four1660.0C Orffer13-2
68.35Fort Red460.0A Domeyer20-1
710.60Wordsworth360.0J Solomons33-1
811.35Tracker Jacker1460.0S Mbhele35-4
914.85Alingalonga660.0L Tarentaal60-1
1015.85Northern Tune560.0J Bekker33-1
1116.05Mr Frostie1260.0D Ashby35-4
1218.55Crack It Open960.0O Noach80-1
1319.80Dear Mr President1060.0G Behr80-1
1420.80Livingstone1760.0reserve 130-1
15DistSmileAtTheSunset1360.0G Cheyne40-1

Kenilworth Sat 22 Aug 1:10

Race 2 Maiden Plate (3yo Fillies) 1200m Win time: 78.06s

10Chat Ching560.0A Domeyer12-1
20.50Katie To860.0S Mbhele66-1
30.90Stuck On You160.0G van Niekerk18-10
42.15Arctic Ice360.0D Ashby7-1
53.40Autumn Sky260.0R Khathi30-1
65.15Perfect Princess1060.0M Byleveld73-20
75.35Casa Rosada460.0O Noach16-1
85.40Imperial Ballet760.0J Bekker50-1
96.15Chile Jam660.0G Cheyne25-1
106.20Simply Complicated1260.0C Orffer75-1
1113.20Lady Isabella960.0X Jacobs75-1
1213.70Tallahassee1360.0B Fayd'Herbe15-2
1315.70Pip To The Post1160.0G Behr66-1
14DistNdikhalele1560.0J Solomons66-1
15DistSoft Day1660.0not declared40-1

Kenilworth Sat 22 Aug 1:45

Race 3 Maiden Plate (F&M) 1600m Win time: 105.52s

10Twicethequality1157.0G van Niekerk9-4
20.10Scented Mistress957.0M Byleveld21-4
30.30Karoo Winter757.0G Cheyne30-1
40.50Pharr Out857.0C Orffer75-1
52.00Swazi Queen1057.0A Domeyer13-4
62.20Tivoli Gardens260.0S Mbhele33-1
72.60Gate Sixty Nine657.0R Khathi16-1
83.00Floatlikabutterfly360.0J Solomons75-1
93.75Rain Keeps Falling160.0X Jacobs20-1
105.50Feisty Dome460.0D Ashby75-1
1113.75Ruby Rhythm557.0B Fayd'Herbe73-20

Kenilworth Sat 22 Aug 2:25

Race 4 MR 86 Handicap 2400m Win time: 157.63s

10Meliora1052.0X Jacobs22-1
20.75Anse Lazio358.0A Domeyer9-2
31.05Retro Effect656.5G Cheyne33-4
43.30Silver De Lange162.0M Byleveld14-1
55.55Celestial Prince261.0G van Niekerk22-1
66.80Anderson952.0J Solomons25-1
77.80Troop The Colour557.5O Noach8-1
88.20Sockeroo855.0R Khathi22-10
911.95Winter Shadow755.5C Orffer19-2
1016.70Holy Warrior457.5B Fayd'Herbe13-2

Kenilworth Sat 22 Aug 3:00

Race 5 MR 97 Handicap (F&M) 1000m Win time: 62.35s

10Durty Nelly554.0M Byleveld20-1
23.00Roll In The Hay161.0A Domeyer13-2
34.25Vandah's Spirit753.0S Mbhele7-1
44.75Varsity Lover355.0O Noach14-1
55.15On Captain's Side654.0G Cheyne71-20
65.65Hildegarde260.0C Orffer83-20
77.90Captain's Darling454.5G van Niekerk6-1
88.65Pippielangkous852.0L Tarentaal9-2

Kenilworth Sat 22 Aug 3:35

Race 6 MR 80 Handicap (F&M) 1000m Win time: 62.54s

10Bad Habit359.5A Domeyer14-1
20.50Fours A Crowd1055.0J Solomons7-2
31.75Sonic Burst658.0G Cheyne7-1
41.85Spirit Festival260.0G van Niekerk15-2
52.85Alsflamingbeauty160.0R Khathi17-2
63.35Rebels Spirit1252.0X Jacobs30-1
74.35Captain's Flo857.0J Bekker19-4
84.75Windsor Beat758.0C Orffer6-1
98.25What A Lover955.5M Byleveld28-1
1011.25Ikebana559.0L Tarentaal18-1
1113.75Dark Song459.5S Mbhele30-1

Kenilworth Sat 22 Aug 4:10

Race 7 Pinnacle Stakes 1200m Win time: 76.8s

10Helen's Ideal457.5G Cheyne14-1
22.25Billy Silver358.5B Fayd'Herbe14-1
33.50Green Jacket657.0G van Niekerk5-1
45.25Savea757.0X Jacobs25-4
55.55Photocopy557.0J Solomons6-1
66.80Elusive Trader160.0M Byleveld25-4
78.05Machiavelli258.5A Domeyer33-4
810.30Bernie955.5S Mbhele16-1
912.30Fateful1055.5G Behr33-1
1019.55Worlds Your Oyster855.5C Orffer87-20
1121.30Wadi Rum1155.5L Tarentaal35-1

Kenilworth Sat 22 Aug 4:45

Race 8 MR 95 Handicap (F&M) 1400m Win time: 91.26s

10Icon Princess160.0B Fayd'Herbe33-10
22.50Gimme Gimme Gimme654.5G Cheyne4-1
32.60Secret Depths357.0C Orffer6-1
43.35Springisintheair754.0R Khathi12-1
53.75Midnight Moonlight456.5S Cele7-1
64.50Favour Me852.0X Jacobs25-1
74.80Crusade's Promise555.5O Noach8-1
84.90Star Of Silver258.5G van Niekerk17-4
911.65Mayfern952.0J Solomons33-1

Kenilworth Sat 22 Aug 5:20

Race 9 MR 77 Handicap (F&M) 1400m Win time: 90.22s

10Rocket Girl260.0S Mbhele14-1
22.75Grey Princess1456.5G Behr25-1
33.50Meet At The George359.0S Cele5-1
44.00Orferd's Flash1652.5not declared12-1
55.00Duchess Of State1157.5D Ashby33-1
66.50Winter's Awakening659.0B Fayd'Herbe51-20
77.75Miss Millstream1058.0J Bekker25-1
87.95The Vow459.0R Khathi25-1
910.95How And Why1356.5G Cheyne20-1
1011.00Miss D' Aray1554.5X Jacobs25-1
1111.75Power Girl1752.0L Tarentaal66-1
1214.25Jolly Josephine858.5C Orffer20-1
1317.50Hidden Strings958.0M Byleveld40-1
1417.80Chilly Winter160.0J Solomons6-1
1530.30Waldorf Astoria559.0G van Niekerk8-1