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Our tipsters list of VF-rated Bets

Updated 10.00am on racedays

Vomit Factor is the level of sickness other people feel when a selection gets you through the exotics and theirs didn’t.

Vomit Factor is the level of sickness our tipsters feel when the selection gets beaten.

VF also stands for Value Factor a confidence level combining price with how much of a good thing the selection is.

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High VF is best

Magic Tips:

  • Vaal 27th 7: Clash City Rocker(1)-VF8


  • Vaal 27th 2: Varnica(4)-VF8


  •   : ()-VF

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Meet our tipsters

Magic Tipsaka Pe Te Be(Peter Barker).
Respected form studier and successor to Monty Mariemuthoo at Winning Form.

McMarkaka Mark McGillewie.
The only really sicko punter among our tipsters.

Clockwatcheraka Steve Furnish.
Speed figures are his game and passion – view Clockwatcher postsr