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Horseracing Should Be Listening!

What a tragedy for racing that the current philosophy in place is seeking non-racing solutions for a sport with way more potential than any other form of gambling and gaming to grow into something spectacular

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Designed To Explode

There is a quote by pre-eminent local owner and breeder Sir Abe Bailey that “It’s said that all those who go racing are rogues and vagabonds. That may not be true. But it is true that all rogues and vagabonds go racing.”  

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Will Racing Get A Fighting Chance?

There seems to be a belief that with a few tweaks many of racings considerable problems will all go away and that there is a lot of low hanging fruit ready to be plucked, but nothing could be further from the truth!

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Complexity – Good Or Bad For Racing?

This is not only an issue for potential new customers, but also true for existing players as there is nothing more demoralizing than putting in hours of form study only to be blown out of the water with some formless or one hit wonder horse spoiling the party

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Let’s Use Numbers Ahead Of Opinions -Trainer

‘If we want to keep the population up, then a steady trickle of events is much better than clumping a bunch of races in distant and expensive months to come, while a local off-season is catering to Graduation and Progress plates rather than to the majority of the horse population’

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