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No Jab – No Racing

Racing gets behind government policy

Much has happened over the past few weeks through various Government engagements to re-open horseracing to spectators across South Africa.

Phumelela says in a media release published on Wednesday 10 November 2021, that the sport of horseracing is now at a point where they have been given the green light to allow limited numbers of vaccinated spectators back on course.

In line with the Disaster Management Act Regulations (DMAR) and the directive issued by the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture, Phumelela Gaming and Leisure together with Cape Racing have announced that going forward only fully vaccinated supporters will be able to return to the respective tracks on Race Days.

Candice Bass-Robinson at Kenilworth – fully masked and now we all need to vaccinate too (Pic – Chase Liebenberg)

The number of stakeholders and spectators granted access on course will be aligned with the limits announced by the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture Mr Nathi Mthethwa. All COVID-19 protocols will be strictly adhered to with a maximum of 2000 spectators permitted entry on race days.

Racing was initially opened up to all spectators irrespective of their vaccination status but as per the gazetted directive issued by the Minister on 15 October 2021, only vaccinated persons may attend sporting events.

Said Phumelela Racing Executive Patrick Davis, “By adopting and endorsing the government vaccination roll out plan we hope to assist in speeding up the process of reaching effective population protection in South Africa and getting to a point where we can welcome back tens of thousands of people to the track. The Gauteng Spring season is well underway and the Cape Summer season is just commencing – hopefully this policy will encourage our fans to get the jab so that they can come back to course to watch and support the top horses in the country performing.”

Both operators, Phumelela and Cape Racing fully support the South African Government’s vaccine roll out strategy to provide a defense against the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the Sports, Arts and Culture community coming together to support and actively advocate getting vaccinated, it will allow the sector to go back to work safely. #VaccinateSAReady #VaccinatetosaveSouthAfrica.

Bradley Ralph, Cape Racing chairperson concludes:“We all want the world to return to normal as quickly as possible, and by following the government recommendations, and adhering to all covid protocols, this will hopefully happen. We look forward to being able to welcome all our loyal fans back to the track soon.”

*Stakeholders include: Owners, suite holders, trainers, jockeys and grooms

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32 comments on “No Jab – No Racing

  1. Pat Hellriegel says:

    Interesting.. what of the role players of the industry who remain unvaccinated. Does this policy affect them as well ?

  2. steamer says:

    Racing just lost another owner, just on principle

    1. Editor says:

      Tks Peter Pascoe

  3. Gary Grant says:

    I pray this backfires, and it keeps more people away from the course and then the same people they want vaccinated to enter the course also stop punting. If people are worried about getting covid get vaccinated theoretically you are “safe” why must the person who doesn’t want to get vaccinated be forced to .

    1. Editor says:

      Is it not government policy compliance, Gary?

  4. Sherwin Naidoo says:

    Ed, the operators are fully behind the vaccination drive. Please could you request stats on number of jockeys who are vaccinated. Thanks

    1. Editor says:

      Will try Sherwin.
      Not sure if jockey vaccinations have been documented before today

  5. steamer says:

    And when government takes your farm away because of compliance, that’s also ok mr Ed, because it’s compliance after all. All of a sudden government knows what is best for us

    1. Editor says:

      Peter, racing needs government – no win situation and damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

  6. George McDonald says:

    Mr Peter Pascoe, do you wear a mask when in public places?
    Let’s say you do,is that not government policy compliance
    Or was it always your childhood desire to play Lone Ranger.

    And what about being out and about at 2am without a permit?
    If you are not,Then you must think ,” government knows best ”
    And if you don’t government may take away your freedom.
    But then again,to get vaccinated or not is a personal choice.

  7. Donald Bradshaw says:

    Get vaccinated as per the protocols and have freer movement in your daily life in the foreseeable future , all governments throughout the world are now implementing laws that restrict the movement of the non vaccinated , governments implement these laws to stop the spread of the virus in their countries as per the available science , simple as that.

    Good questions from Pat Hellreigel and Sherwin Naidoo , the answer to their questions should be interesting ?

  8. Steve Reid says:

    Are we saying that as of now that every person that enters Phumelela controlled properties are fully vaccinated?

    Every employee of Phumelela
    Every Employee of the Jockey Club
    Every Trainer and stable staff including grooms?
    Every visitor and not just spectators – deliveries, business appointments, contractors etc?

    It is a certainty that there are non-vaccinated or part vaccinated individuals among those that I highlight. What happens then, are they not allowed to enter? Perhaps you can get a comment from Moodley and Evans Lance? Seems like owners and spectators are the soft touch that this lot love so much.

  9. Dave McGillewie says:

    I’m in the “Steamer” and “Gary Grant” camp on this one. Mr. Ed, it may be government compliant but government are not mandating this. Why is everyone suddenly keen to follow government guidelines ….anyway, let’s see what happens

  10. Dave McGillewie says:

    Freedom of choice is part of some of our make up Donald; I would never kowtow to government suggestions; this vaccine is so good they’re having to bribe people to take it !

  11. James Goodman says:

    The directive from the NHRA needs to be clear. How many grooms and employees on the track for a race meeting are UNVACCINATED?
    I bet there are many and all will come into contact with the vaccinated. Has this been thought through by those in control, or are they using the shotgun method?

  12. Gary Grant says:

    Why during lockdown we were racing under farming and agriculture , now we out of lock down we racing as a sport. We must get vaccinated as if we going to a stadium to watch a sport.
    When we go back into lockdown and they say no sport allowed do we race under agriculture again?
    blind leading the blind or should i say the vaccinated leading the unvaccinated.

  13. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Nee wat, ekt gegaan vir albei die shots en sover – me with wrong nothing is There ????

  14. Wendy van der westhuizen says:

    On 11 November 2021 I lodged a query with Highveld Racing and Mr Patrick Davis regarding their blanket directive. To date I have received no answer. The basis of the query is the fact that the government directive published on 15 October 2021 under Government Gazette number G45333 only provides for the following persons to be vaccinated:
    “69(10)(b) Spectators at the venue of the sports events are permitted but limited to 750 persons or less for indoor venue and 2000 persons or less for outdoor venues and if the venue is too small to hold the prescribed number of persons observing at a distance of at least one and a half metres from each other, then not more than 50 percent of the capacity of the venue may be used, subject to strict adherence to all health protocols and social distancing measures, and provided further that they can show proof of vaccination”.
    It is clear that this directive is aimed at spectators, which do not include stakeholders.
    Furthermore in the same directive under 6D it says in subsection (21) No consumption of alcohol at all sporting events including parks.
    I have not even touched base on infringement of a persons Constitutional right not to be vaccinated or the new notice that was published on 22 October 2021 in terms of Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act 130 of 1993, where an EMPLOYER who compels their EMPLOYEES to be vaccinate can be held liable for any side effects, illness or death resulting from the COVID-19 VACCINATION.
    THANK FULLY stakeholders are not spectators and the do not fall under the ambit of employees.

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Wendy
      Passed this on to Mr Davis.
      He says they are dealing with it.

  15. Wendy van der westhuizen says:

    Thank you I would be glad to receive feedback

  16. Leon Setaro says:

    The banning of the un-vaccinated from attending sporting events is a government mandate and applies exclusively to spectators only. It’s been gazetted under emergency law where the ministry of cooked chicken, open sandals and cigarettes can do what it likes with the stroke of a pen even on a whim.. no logic, science, explanation or justification required.

    This is the first local (SA) implementation by law of the Gates DOMPAS system yet it doesn’t even get its own clause or even its own sentence in the gazette! It’s just a few words added on to a sentence in a multiple-use generic ‘gatherings’ clause, but only in the sports section. These few added words (ie. and provided further than they can show proof of vaccination) are not added to the same generic gatherings clause used in the political, religious, business, fitness or recreational sections.. only the soft target of ‘sports spectators’ get the treatment. The frog boil is best performed slowly and this is only the beginning.

    As seen across most of the 1st world with countries that are ahead of us and already deep into DOMPAS law.. next comes bars, nightclubs, restaurants, malls, public spaces, then the employment sector – NO VAX NO JOB! This is not conspiracy theory, it’s already happening worldwide where hundreds of thousands of essential service workers are no longer allowed to work in Europe, the UK and USA because they refuse a vaccine that doesn’t prevent infection, transmission, severe symptoms or hospitalization.

    There’s also ongoing worldwide daily protests by millions against this centralised authoritarianism and tyranny but you won’t see anything in the mainstream media or any other inconvenient truths that don’t fit the narrative. They are a captured cesspool of sponsored censorship.

    Since the pandemic started governments around the world have been unleashing identical destructive and illogical laws against us, all instructed by the same source – the chief poison-profiteer Gates; unqualified, unelected, yet manipulating the world via captured politicians, scientists and influencers.

    First we were forcibly and unscientifically locked down based on the outright lie of asymptomatic transmission, now we’re being coerced and will soon be forced into the DOMPAS system. Both predictably produce the same result.. destruction of the economy, disempowerment of the working population and the excision of our freedoms, all whilst the poison-profiteer and his rent seekers make a killing using our money via conduit politicians and their scientific advisors. Mainstream media and tech giants are the cover used to feed us lies and propaganda dressed up as science, whilst social media platforms censor the truth with bannings and reach-reductions.

    A few months ago this was all crazy talk in modern society, now it’s reality. Just because it hasn’t hit here yet doesn’t mean we will be spared. Your president is on record saying the Disaster Management Act will not end until everyone is vaccinated.. and that’s never going to happen. Today’s ‘fully vaccinated’ are tomorrow’s unvaccinated unless they get the next booster shot, yet another system already in place around the world that hasn’t arrived here yet.

  17. Sherwin Naidoo says:

    Leon, I wonder if you were ever subjected to the DOMPAS. If you were , you would know that the current regulations are but a minor inconvenience compared to the deprivation of freedom and dignity that people were subjected to back then. Your loose comparison is no different to a trainer comparing the first lockdown and the alleged euthanasia of horses to what happened to 6 million people in Europe in the 1940s.
    Our govt has definitely messed up in its handling of the pandemic, but so too have 1st world countries.
    The operators have done what most industries would do to survive and continue to operate. They have followed the regulations regardless of their views on it. That’s just the way things are. Protest if you are not happy. Spread conspiracy theories too. But this is nowhere close to a DOMPAS system

  18. Neill says:

    Let’s not forget what the bottom line (still) is for government’s overzealousness and ultra cautious approach to Covid: not only the saving of lives, but the prevention of the collapse of the health system.
    We are reminded of such possible catastrophies on a daily basis with load shedding and a few other things that are not so easily managed by gazetting ……. .

  19. Joe Knowles says:

    Well said Leon Setaro. You have put it across brilliantly. Already in the most vaccinated countries of the world the death toll has increased and people are dying in greater numbers now than in pre- covid days.
    And it is only the beginning of the end.
    The pure blooded will be like thoroughbreds, the jabbed will be in a battle with spike proteins.

  20. Gary Grant says:

    LEON thank you , someone is awake

  21. Leon Setaro says:

    Read my comments properly before you reply.

  22. Dudley De Jongh says:

    Leon agree.You are allowed into a betting outlet of app.200 sq.m with 100+ people and no prove of been vaxxed.Makes no sense.

  23. Dave McGillewie says:

    Aaah, how refreshing to finally hear a non-conformist and erudite response from Leon Setaro ! Thank You

  24. Neill says:

    Not really relevant to the debate, but if these rules are still in place next year with the running of the Met and July, I suppose the race organisers will need to have some sort of early booking system in place to facilitate entrance.
    People standing in a queue waving their vaccination passports?

  25. Leon Setaro says:

    Thks for the compliments.

  26. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    I am wondering why someone would want to know the status of the jockeys vaccination ? …its Ok ED I think I know why…….So the new world order has arrived at SA racing, the elites must be loving this and I can see one or two on this forum will be doing the government’s bidding and policing many others I am sure, thats how the millions got killed that was mentioned earlier……big leap that one but here we are We shall see who does the policing but `I think I know from the responses. More cancel culture coming up and I expect all the media to cow tow to the tune as well. I wonder which
    jockey will be first….? but not the elites, I bet they wont even wear those really protective masks….We are all being played on a huge scale. The no job no vax is already happening, yuo can pretend that this is not happening but we have been living the lie for 2 years now and just about everyone is sold to it……not conspiracy, very real ( 50% of all deaths from covid now in the UK are double vaccinated, fact….natural immunity is 20 x more effective than the vaccine, thats why yuo need boosters, its not a vaccine by the way as it does not stop the virus, only severe symptoms and only for a short period of time )…..We are all being played but who will say it ? I think the elites are quite happy with the empty stands, those damn punters, so annoying, dirty lot…..WEAR YOUR MASK !!!

  27. Peter Pascoe says:

    Vaccine Dependency Syndrome , Develops when people are so misled by their own government that they demand they be injected with an experimental substance every 6 months…

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