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Vaal Thu 19 Sep 12:25

Race 1 Maiden Plate (3yo Fillies) 1000m Win time: 57.83s

10Allmyloving260.0S Khumalo7-1
20.40Allyouneedislove660.0C Maujean20-1
31.25Duchess Of Windsor860.0C Habib8-1
42.00May Queen1360.0C Storey3-1
52.25Tahitian Orana960.0L Bester66-1
63.50Secret Palace160.0K Zechner14-1
73.60Seraphina460.0C F Dicken36-1
84.50Dark Song1260.0R Danielson9-2
94.60Set And Match360.0D L Habib40-1
105.00Nu Bell1060.0W Kennedy5-1
115.10Strait Words1460.0D Schwarz12-1
129.75Hear The Tempest560.0K Steyn100-1
1311.75Golden Wand760.0S Brown50-1
1415.50Capeesh1160.0N Klink66-1

Vaal Thu 19 Sep 1:00

Race 2 Maiden Plate (3yo's) 1000m Win time: 57.9s

10Tokolosh160.0J Penny17-4
23.25Live By Night360.0C Murray25-4
33.50Anatolio260.0P Strydom46-10
44.00Lady Scarletina1457.5C F Dicken50-1
55.00Var Aglow1060.0W Kennedy22-10
66.25Leprechaun960.0S Khumalo137-20
76.35Bend The Knee560.0M Yeni44-1
87.50Clifton Brawler760.0C Bantam28-1
912.00Great Glory1257.5C Habib66-1
1014.25Justice Is Served1357.5T Juglall66-1
1115.00Great Pretender860.0J R Syster20-1
1219.00Vicar's Delight1160.0R Munger66-1

Vaal Thu 19 Sep 1:35

Race 3 Maiden Plate (3yo's) 1450m Win time: 87.45s

10Stormy Winter1460.0W Kennedy21-10
20.50Cairon660.0S Khumalo25-4
33.75Our Man In Havana1160.0P Strydom7-1
44.00Fire to The Rein760.0M Yeni25-4
54.50Perfectly Putt1260.0C Murray8-1
65.50Imperial Ruby960.0J Greyling44-1
75.60Bellagio King560.0C Habib100-1
85.75Crazy Charlie260.0K Zechner20-1
910.00Artisan360.0C Maujean10-1
1011.00Metric1060.0R Munger100-1
1111.50Dads Roots160.0M V'Rensburg12-1
1214.50Great Esteem860.0D L Habib100-1
1317.50Barricade460.0S Brown100-1
1423.50Ramkat1360.0J Penny66-1

Vaal Thu 19 Sep 2:10

Race 4 MR 70 Handicap 1450m Win time: 87.32s

10Olofberg459.5J Greyling44-1
20.75Irrevocable Dream559.0M Yeni61-20
31.50Category Four260.5M V'Rensburg9-2
42.00Melchizedek955.0M Thackeray9-2
53.75Archilles161.0C Maujean31-4
64.25Royal City857.5D Schwarz6-1
74.50Stop For Nothing758.0R Munger15-1
86.00Oh Yeah658.5S Brown15-1
915.00Western Oasis360.5W Kennedy27-4

Vaal Thu 19 Sep 2:45

Race 5 MR 68 Handicap (F&M) 1450m Win time: 86.73s

10Golden Spiral459.0S Khumalo10-1
21.75Targaryen Queen360.5D L Habib16-1
32.00Kirkconnel Lass162.0S Brown93-20
43.50Kapama558.5K Zechner18-10
54.50Ufo952.0C Murray17-2
66.75Empress Rock753.5M Yeni23-4
77.00It Takes Two260.5M V'Rensburg22-1
88.00She Can Dance852.0J Penny22-1
910.75Black Tie655.0T Juglall17-2

Vaal Thu 19 Sep 3:25

Race 6 MR 68 Handicap 1200m Win time: 70.75s

10Bridge Of Spies360.5J R Syster20-1
20.20Hartleyfour459.5R Munger11-2
31.70Baahir857.5S Khumalo33-10
43.00Hot August955.0C Maujean9-2
53.25Gemcutter261.0D L Habib3-1
65.25Snow In Seattle659.5M Yeni7-1
76.50Varimax161.5D Schwarz16-1
811.50Ottawa758.0C Habib30-1
917.50Queen's Jet559.5C F Dicken20-1

Vaal Thu 19 Sep 4:05

Race 7 MR 88 Handicap 1600m Win time: 96.01s

10Silver Spectrum259.5R Danielson5-2
20.25Finchatton161.0M V'Rensburg13-1
32.50Ragoon459.5W Kennedy9-2
44.50Bosphorus855.0N Klink16-1
55.00Duology954.0K Matsunyane13-1
65.30Defy Gravity359.5M Thackeray87-20
76.75The Rocketman657.5C Murray30-1
86.80I Am Batman1053.5R Munger93-20
912.00Seventh Of June557.5C Bantam16-1

Vaal Thu 19 Sep 4:40

Race 8 MR 76 Handicap (F&M) 2000m Win time: 124.6s

10Jacko Boy160.0M Yeni22-10
20.20Always Red557.0S Khumalo4-1
30.50Itsmydarlin755.0C Maujean18-1
41.75Littlewood259.5R Munger93-20
51.95Jive Express457.5W Kennedy113-20
63.25Laat Lammetjie1052.5K Zechner22-1
73.50Ex's 'n Oh's358.0D L Habib22-1
85.75Wings Of Light953.5C Habib28-1
97.75Crystal Stream656.0M V'Rensburg36-1
108.00My Elusive854.5J Greyling9-1

Vaal Thu 19 Sep 5:15

Race 9 MR 72 Handicap 2400m Win time: 150.01s

10French Leave360.0R Munger14-1
20.20Slay The Dragon460.0R Danielson13-2
31.00Woodland's Forest957.5J R Syster28-1
42.25Village Deep1057.0S Khumalo10-1
52.50Gold Griffin160.5W Kennedy22-10
63.00Tough Choice1155.5D L Habib20-1
75.25Hit For Six260.5C Maujean7-1
85.35The Bosbok559.5D Schwarz11-2
95.75In For A Penny659.0M Yeni14-1
106.75Yer-Maan1255.0C Habib55-1
118.75Don Pierro759.0K Zechner16-1
129.00Gentleman Only859.0C F Dicken30-1