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Kenilworth Sat 25 May 12:10

Race 1 Maiden Plate 1400m Win time: 87.69s

10Horatius656.0R Khathi21-4
20.30Var Express360.0G Cheyne73-20
30.50Themadirishsheriff1056.0L Mxothwa8-1
41.75Khopesh560.0D Dillon21-4
53.00Path Of Choice756.0M Byleveld33-10
63.10Outoftheordinary160.0C Zackey137-20
74.35Elusive Master260.0M Winnaar13-1
85.85Shades Of Blu856.0L Tarentaal30-1
910.85Golden Tippy460.0S Cele30-1
1015.35Sir Henry Hawkins956.0O Noach50-1

Kenilworth Sat 25 May 12:45

Race 2 Maiden Plate (F&M) 1400m Win time: 89.08s

10Alfred's Girl560.0O Noach5-1
20.30Forest Field460.0C Zackey13-1
31.55Hercules Girl360.0M Byleveld61-20
42.80Louisa May260.0G Cheyne47-20
53.10Don't Be Blue656.0L Mxothwa4-1
63.60Contessa's Glance160.0R Khathi18-1
74.85My Friend756.0M Winnaar44-1
84.90She's A Vision856.0D Dillon18-1

Kenilworth Sat 25 May 1:20

Race 3 MR 95 Handicap 1400m Win time: 86.29s

10Ready Steady Go459.0G Cheyne2-1
20.20Kenny Trix359.0M Byleveld61-20
30.95Zeb755.0S Mbhele18-1
41.25Elusive Trader259.0D Dillon31-4
52.25Power Grid657.0O Noach15-1
63.00Red Ginger559.0R Khathi15-1
73.20Our Mate Art160.0C Zackey61-20

Kenilworth Sat 25 May 1:55

Race 4 MR 80 Handicap (F&M) 1400m Win time: 85.78s

10Sleeping Single654.5R Khathi21-4
20.50Faye852.5M Winnaar21-4
31.00Rocket Girl455.0L Mxothwa18-1
41.30Indian Song555.0S Mbhele21-4
51.35Elusive Touch754.0C Zackey11-1
62.60Lip Service952.0O Noach10-1
72.90Almost Captured356.5G Cheyne21-4
83.40Charge d' affaires160.5M Byleveld17-4
97.65Tattooed Rocker1052.0L Tarentaal36-1
107.85Kamaishi257.0D Dillon18-1

Kenilworth Sat 25 May 2:30

Race 5 Olympic Duel Stakes (F&M)(Listed) 1200m Win time: 71.52s

10Run Fox Run854.0G Cheyne17-20
25.00Rush Hour Girl952.0O Noach13-2
36.25Platinum Class359.0S Khumalo8-1
48.50Dynamic Diana160.0R Khathi14-1
510.75Raya Baya754.5A Andrews50-1
610.80Lesedi La Rona654.5C Zackey16-1
711.80Miss Katalin259.0L Mxothwa16-1
816.30Celestial Storm557.5D Dillon14-1
918.30Canukeepitsecret458.5M Byleveld16-1

Kenilworth Sat 25 May 3:10

Race 6 Stormsvlei Mile (3yo Fillies)(Listed) 1600m Win time: 100.83s

10Helen's Ideal160.0D Dillon13-10
20.30Star Fighter260.0C Zackey9-2
31.55Duchess Of Bourbon659.0R Khathi13-1
41.65Shamrock Wind459.0G Cheyne34-10
53.65Secret Depths759.0M Byleveld16-1
65.40Miss Plumcake559.0S Mbhele18-1
76.65Coral Bay360.0M Winnaar18-1
88.40Cruise Along859.0A Andrews22-1

Kenilworth Sat 25 May 3:45

Race 7 Gr3 Winter Classic (3yo's) 1800m Win time: 109.63s

10Vardy258.0C Zackey15-10
22.25One World160.0M Byleveld11-10
38.50Majestic Mozart358.0G Cheyne27-4
49.25Herodotus458.0S Khumalo8-1
511.50Clouded Hill558.0L Mxothwa44-1

Kenilworth Sat 25 May 4:20

Race 8 MR 80 Handicap (F&M) 1800m Win time: 110.85s

10Transylvania655.5M Byleveld25-4
20.20Principessa754.0G Cheyne137-20
30.50Summer Moon557.5R Khathi33-10
44.50Midnight Moonlight359.5D Dillon23-4
54.80Pearl Jam458.5C Zackey23-4
64.90Ontenderhooks162.0S Mbhele6-1
76.40Glamorous Life260.0S Khumalo15-1
88.65Big Suze852.0S Cele157-20

Kenilworth Sat 25 May 4:55

Race 9 MR 72 Handicap 1000m Win time: 58.92s

10Fire Walker857.5R Khathi12-1
22.25Trojan Winter757.5L Mxothwa21-4
33.00Quarllo1352.0S Mbhele22-1
43.40Prince Oracy956.5G Behr157-20
53.90Bellingham Bay657.5M Winnaar137-20
65.65Skidoo260.0L Tarentaal137-20
75.70Strikeitlikeamatch459.0C Zackey25-1
86.20Shadowing359.0M Byleveld25-4
96.25Beethoven1153.0S Khumalo16-1
106.65Cortada1054.0O Noach16-1
117.40Western Storm160.5D Dillon14-1
127.90It Is What It Is558.5D Ashby16-1
1310.15Love To Fly1452.0A Andrews55-1
1425.15Joiners Arms1252.0G Cheyne25-1