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Durbanville Tue 18 Sep 1:20

Race 1 Maiden Plate (F&M) 1250m Win time: 79.61s

10Gimme London958.0A Domeyer26-10
20.20Skye Lane1358.0L Burke31-4
32.70Elusive Fortune858.0R Khathi50-1
43.95Star Fighter1458.0A Andrews66-1
54.00Mumtaz1058.0R Fourie14-10
64.75Dancing Sally658.0C Orffer18-1
76.50Ducky Fuzz358.0O Noach50-1
86.70Saffron Hill260.0G Cheyne28-1
98.95Black Gardenia1558.0reserve 115-1
1011.70Ruletta160.0L Mxothwa50-1
1113.20Queen Nitocris1258.0B Fayd'Herbe6-1

Durbanville Tue 18 Sep 1:55

Race 2 Maiden Plate 1250m Win time: 78.48s

10Forty Days458.0B Fayd'Herbe17-10
22.25Empire Glory958.0M Byleveld9-1
32.65Larry Jack358.0G Cheyne9-2
42.95Spring Fling1158.0R Munger9-1
53.70The Solution1358.0R Khathi50-1
64.20Pega D'oro1058.0C Orffer22-1
74.60Ernesto558.0R Fourie27-4
86.35Stealth Admiral1258.0G Behr28-1
97.10All The Sevens258.0F Herholdt27-4
1010.85Circuit The Sun858.0A Mgudlwa44-1
1111.85Water Bourne160.0D Dillon50-1
1212.85Ajay1560.0reserve 150-1
1316.85Marked White Night658.0L Tarentaal18-1

Durbanville Tue 18 Sep 2:30

Race 3 Maiden Plate 1400m Win time: 90.48s

10Kalahari Ninja1157.0R Fourie5-8
20.40Famous Orator457.0G Cheyne15-1
31.65Elusive Victor857.0D Dillon27-4
42.40Greek Sword1057.0G Behr31-4
52.60Burano260.0C Orffer66-1
64.60Carlton Heights757.0R Khathi100-1
75.10Elusive Kat357.0O Noach22-1
86.35Naturalist1257.0A Domeyer31-4
98.60Going Back West957.0M Byleveld15-1
1015.60Zaratos657.0M Winnaar66-1
1117.35Shepherd's Sky557.0L Burke50-1

Durbanville Tue 18 Sep 3:05

Race 4 MR 88 Handicap 1400m Win time: 87s

10Zeb654.0M Byleveld15-1
21.00Spectra Force753.5L Burke71-10
32.25Silver Maple358.5R Fourie21-10
43.00Silver Master554.0S Mbhele6-1
53.50Shall Be Free457.0D Dillon18-1
67.00What A Summer852.0R Munger14-1
78.25Waiting For Rain161.0G Behr18-1
89.50Orakal259.0A Domeyer21-10

Durbanville Tue 18 Sep 3:45

Race 5 MR 81 Handicap (F&M) 1250m Win time: 77.97s

10Canukeepitsecret259.5M Byleveld17-10
22.75Helen's Ideal657.0D Dillon57-20
34.75Ahoy Me Matey160.0A Andrews13-1
44.95Rebels Spirit757.0L Tarentaal113-20
55.45Fours A Crowd359.5B Fayd'Herbe9-1
67.20Wings Of Honor459.0R Munger113-20

Durbanville Tue 18 Sep 4:25

Race 6 MR 74 Handicap 1250m Win time: 77.98s

10Rip It Up557.0R Fourie2-1
20.75Redial458.0G Behr9-1
20.75Jardin359.0M Byleveld26-10
43.75Hotel Cipriani161.0R Khathi27-4
53.95Parade's End856.0S Cele28-1
64.35Dayonaut260.5F Herholdt22-1
75.60Super Performer756.5C Orffer18-1
89.85Moon Rock656.5D Dillon27-4

Durbanville Tue 18 Sep 5:00

Race 7 MR 68 Handicap 1600m Win time: 99.76s

10In The Jungle557.0A Domeyer27-4
21.75Hadarat457.0D Dillon9-1
33.25Streetfighting Man161.0R Fourie47-20
44.50Aldato855.5G Behr11-1
56.00Mr Lover Boy952.0L Burke14-1
68.25Siberian Husky756.0C Orffer5-1
713.50Joiners Arms357.5L Mxothwa22-1
814.25Red Rascal260.0G Cheyne10-3

Durbanville Tue 18 Sep 5:35

Race 8 Maiden Plate 2000m Win time: 126.09s

10Cedar Man556.0D Dillon71-10
20.20Parade March756.0R Munger5-1
30.70Crome Yellow160.0A Domeyer8-11
43.45Shabba Ranks1056.0R Khathi36-1
59.20Master Design956.0A Andrews15-1
617.45Wave Hello460.0B May100-1
718.70Hello Manny260.0B Fayd'Herbe5-1
826.45Prince Josh856.0M Byleveld50-1