Recent Results Summary

Race Meetings

Kenilworth Tue 13 Apr 1:05

Race 1 Maiden Juvenile Plate 1200m Win time: 72.4s

10Ravensthorpe1060.0R Fourie19-20
26.25Shesh Besh1160.0C Zackey25-1
36.30Hendo Shuffle460.0K de Melo15-1
46.80Green Vigilante360.0O Noach12-1
59.05Master Of Time660.0G van Niekerk31-4
610.05Another Thief260.0G Cheyne20-1
711.30Mr Linebreaker760.0L Tarentaal80-1
814.80Indiana Beau560.0L Mxothwa66-1
916.55My Boy Reecey860.0M Winnaar66-1
1016.95All Swagger160.0A Marcus10-1
1117.15New York New York960.0R Khathi33-10

Kenilworth Tue 13 Apr 1:40

Race 2 Maiden Juvenile Plate (Fillies) 1200m Win time: 0s

10Kwinta's Light560.0R Fourie4-10
24.75Grayswood Pink360.0G Cheyne10-1
35.25Giverny260.0K de Melo14-1
46.25Seeking Peace960.0C Zackey28-1
57.00Comedy Of Manners160.0G van Niekerk11-2
610.25Trip to Ireland1060.0O Noach40-1
710.45Red Kite860.0G Behr66-1
814.70Hyde Park Corner460.0D Ashby75-1
920.20Masters Queen760.0A Andrews50-1

Kenilworth Tue 13 Apr 2:20

Race 3 MR 90 Handicap 1200m Win time: 71.43s

10Irish Morning258.0K de Melo3-4
20.30His Choice162.0G van Niekerk31-20
32.55Fort Red754.0R Fourie8-1
45.55Brave Tiger654.5G Behr36-1
57.80Master Of Power357.0A Andrews36-1

Kenilworth Tue 13 Apr 2:55

Race 4 Maiden Plate 1400m Win time: 87.39s

10Happy Aristocrat160.0G van Niekerk11-20
21.00Freedom Park460.0R Fourie13-1
31.20Bey Suyay560.0R Khathi10-1
41.50Tara Iti260.0G Cheyne11-2
51.70SmileAtTheSunset660.0M Winnaar25-1
62.70Mister Mainstay760.0L Mxothwa36-1
72.90Grand Escape360.0A Marcus10-1
83.40Jack The Jetsetter860.0J Smitsdorff40-1
94.15Global Approach1060.0C Zackey55-1
105.40Excelsior960.0G Behr50-1
1110.65Kid Colt1160.0X Carstens100-1

Kenilworth Tue 13 Apr 3:30

Race 5 Maiden Plate (F&M) 1400m Win time: 88.31s

10Cape To Rio560.0G van Niekerk9-2
20.00Jo Loves160.0A Andrews9-10
32.45Imperial Ballet460.0R Fourie17-2
43.95Princess Of Winter260.0K de Melo9-1
56.20Fly To Rio360.0A Marcus13-2
69.45Path To Go660.0G Cheyne16-1
713.70Wave Siren960.0O Noach50-1
814.20Savannah Rock860.0X Carstens100-1

Kenilworth Tue 13 Apr 4:05

Race 6 MR 74 Handicap 1200m Win time: 71.29s

10Spring Awakening361.5G van Niekerk5-1
20.75T'challa460.5R Fourie9-10
31.75Rostropovich1056.5L Mxothwa36-1
42.50Ticket To Ride858.5A Marcus113-20
52.70What A Man560.0G Behr20-1
64.70Baltimore Jack956.5O Noach12-1
78.20De Bull758.5G Cheyne9-1
88.95Apache Dream1152.0X Carstens100-1
910.45Power Grid261.5R Khathi25-1
1015.20Dragon Power162.0A Andrews14-1

Kenilworth Tue 13 Apr 4:40

Race 7 MR 77 Handicap 2500m Win time: 158s

10Follow The Star160.0M Winnaar18-1
21.00Lets Boogie Baby655.0S Mbhele19-4
31.30Super Duke753.5K de Melo23-4
46.55Six Hills Giant556.0R Fourie7-4
56.75Double Reward259.5R Khathi11-1
625.75Captains World456.0G van Niekerk2-1
726.05Vision Of Fame853.0G Cheyne40-1
830.05Meliora358.5X Carstens40-1

Kenilworth Tue 13 Apr 5:15

Race 8 Maiden Plate 2000m Win time: 0s

10Van Gogh260.0A Marcus33-20
20.75Crack It Open560.0S Mbhele14-1
30.80Universe Boss460.0M Winnaar10-1
42.30Bel Punto160.0K de Melo17-4
52.80Strike Speed1060.0A Andrews66-1
64.05Assertive Power960.0R Khathi50-1
74.10A Good Year860.0G Behr12-1
86.35Double Agent660.0R Fourie12-1
97.85Exceeder1260.0L Mxothwa25-1
108.15On Your Marks360.0G Cheyne7-1
118.45Shades Of Red1556.5G van Niekerk14-1
1211.95Jack And Ginger1360.0J Smitsdorff50-1
1314.95Neptunes Pride1460.0D Ashby66-1
1416.70Cape Point1160.0C Zackey50-1