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Recent Results Summary

Race Meetings
Fairview Mon 16 Oct 1:45

Race 1 Maiden Plate (Polytrack) 2200m Win time: 138s

10Admiral's Sword357.0K Zechner3-1
23.50Highland Spring557.0L Mxothwa7-1
33.55Pondicherri657.0L Tarentaal14-1
44.05Clever Move856.5C Zackey7-1
56.30Tough Harry260.0T Gould20-1
66.35Chappaquiddick457.0J P v'd Merwe26-10
715.60Advice Alert757.0J Penny44-1
816.35Big Jay's160.0C Maujean5-1
Fairview Mon 16 Oct 2:20

Race 2 Maiden Plate (F&M)(Polytrack) 1900m Win time: 118s

10Gitango Tonight857.0J P v'd Merwe4-1
21.50Return To Sender957.0R Danielson25-1
31.75Ginger Rose360.0C Murray59-10
43.75Mamba Mania260.0G Cheyne7-2
57.00Katie Dubois160.0L Hewitson4-1
67.25Air Belle660.0K Steyn44-1
710.00Earthflight560.0L Tarentaal61-10
810.50Rose Creek1057.0L Mxothwa16-1
920.75Lady Bok460.0T Gould16-1
Fairview Mon 16 Oct 2:55

Race 3 MR 68 Handicap (F&M)(Polytrack) 1900m Win time: 116s

10Oasis Queen654.0C Zackey7-1
20.10Chisanyama754.0C Murray3-1
30.20Tamashi953.0C Maujean9-2
41.45Allegorical161.0L Tarentaal10-1
52.70Conquering Queen457.5J P v'd Merwe13-1
62.80So Enchanting358.0G Cheyne59-10
74.05Sword Storm1152.0X Ndlovu20-1
86.30Flamingo Vlei554.0T Gould8-1
96.55Let's Go Get It853.5K Steyn16-1
1014.30Caitlin's Answer1052.0J Penny80-1
Fairview Mon 16 Oct 3:35

Race 4 Conditions Plate (F&M)(Polytrack) 1400m Win time: 82s

10Star Burst Galaxy854.0C Murray12-10
21.25Peach Delight161.0L Hewitson12-1
32.25Wind Singer755.5K Zechner30-1
42.50Bonne Vie555.5C Zackey17-2
52.60Valediction456.0J P v'd Merwe21-2
63.35Audrie Do356.0R Danielson72-10
74.10Firstimesacharm655.5L Mxothwa30-1
810.10Primrose Lane1052.5L Tarentaal10-1
Fairview Mon 16 Oct 4:10

Race 5 MR 85 Divided Handicap (Polytrack) 1200m Win time: 69s

10CaptainOfMyHeart952.5T Juglall20-1
22.00Pacific Spirit259.5K Zechner25-1
32.25Bagger Vance456.5L Mxothwa12-1
42.35Lord Windermere358.0G Cheyne7-2
53.35Rahvar756.0C Zackey61-10
64.60Oriental Tiger656.0L Hewitson14-1
74.65Le Grand Rouge1052.0R Munger25-1
86.90Zevenastic160.0T Gould16-1
97.00Kimberley Club556.0C Maujean21-2
109.50Arctic Blast854.5C Murray2-1
Fairview Mon 16 Oct 4:40

Race 6 MR 68 Divided Handicap (Polytrack) 1200m Win time: 70s

10Trap Lord160.0R Danielson32-10
22.25Heracles752.0K Steyn9-2
32.75Ess El Kay553.0T Gould10-1
43.25Bunch Of Thyme652.0J Penny8-1
54.50Oracle Kingdom1052.0C Maujean66-1
66.75Odaiba258.0J P v'd Merwe32-10
77.75Apoc952.0L Hewitson30-1
88.25Breathless Bertie454.5R Munger16-1
99.50Angelus Bell852.0J Mphanya36-1
1011.75Leo Zodiac355.5C Zackey7-1
Fairview Mon 16 Oct 5:15

Race 7 MR 64 Handicap (Polytrack) 1300m Win time: 75s

10Silver Blade855.5K Zechner10-1
20.25Impressionist1452.0J Penny20-1
30.75Just Too early1353.0L Tarentaal30-1
40.80Bollemakiesie160.0C Zackey10-1
52.55Mr Jay259.5T Gould61-10
62.80For Luck Sake459.0C Maujean17-2
73.55Scribo1253.0R Munger16-1
83.60High Definition756.5L Hewitson7-1
94.60Brave Nation558.0J Mphanya30-1
105.85Bah955.0J P v'd Merwe21-2
117.10Gizmo359.0R Danielson61-10
127.35Romeo Bravo657.5C Murray10-1
139.60Await The Day1153.5T Juglall30-1
1410.85Reevas Queen1552.0X Ndlovu45-1