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Race Meetings

Turffontein Thu 23 Sep 12:05

Race 1 Maiden Plate (3yo Fillies) 1000m Win time: 57.8s

10Permesso Avanti560.0R Danielson4-1
23.80Abbacadabra260.0G Lerena2-1
35.60Just Be Nice360.0W Kennedy25-11
47.40Red Carpet Girl660.0J R Syster50-7
58.00Young Jackie760.0C Maujean100-3
68.10Mayenne460.0N Klink100-7
78.80Song Of Liberty160.0K Matsunyane50-3

Turffontein Thu 23 Sep 12:35

Race 2 Maiden Plate (3yo's) 1000m Win time: 59.57s

10Outofthedarkness560.0R Danielson100-33
21.60Maraca Ginger160.0C F Dicken50-7
33.70Ginjamatinja460.0K Matsunyane40-1
46.30Back To Basics260.0N Klink25-1
59.30Sonnenstrahl660.0G Lerena5-10

Turffontein Thu 23 Sep 1:05

Race 3 Maiden Plate (F&M) 1200m Win time: 74.08s

10Pick A Lily260.0G Lerena20-7
23.50Caruso160.0P Mxoli25-4
34.25Frosted Ice460.0N Klink10-1
45.50Miss United States958.0M V'Rensburg5-1
57.80Serena Slam360.0S Khumalo5-2
69.80Confetti Shower858.0C Maujean40-1
717.55White Palace660.0R Danielson20-1
818.30Axiom560.0D Schwarz25-1
919.70Namibsroos758.0L Hewitson25-2

Turffontein Thu 23 Sep 1:45

Race 4 Maiden Plate 1200m Win time: 72.57s

10About To Storm458.0G Lerena5-10
21.50Magnum P I558.0C Maujean25-7
34.50Trust The Fire160.0S Brown40-1
46.30On Repeat658.0W Kennedy10-1
56.35Eights Enough258.0C F Dicken25-3

Turffontein Thu 23 Sep 2:25

Race 5 Maiden Handicap (F&M) 1600m Win time: 99.76s

10Two Fools Collide160.0L Hewitson25-11
22.60Oceans Pride357.0S Khumalo25-7
36.90Wonderful Rock654.5W Kennedy20-7
410.50The Bomb Dotcom554.5D Schwarz100-7
512.75Lady Fair456.5S Brown25-4
613.25Fort Aurora852.0J R Syster50-1
713.55Honey Bunny752.5C Maujean10-1
822.30Cheeky Chiquita952.0K Matsunyane50-1

Turffontein Thu 23 Sep 3:00

Race 6 Maiden Handicap 1600m Win time: 98.54s

10Bureau des Legende160.0M Yeni10-11
21.00Stay The Course259.0L Hewitson5-2
33.70Track Commander358.5J Solomons25-2
47.00Heart Of Harlem754.0N Klink20-1
512.75Twosidestoastory557.0C Maujean25-3
623.25Lyntys Legacy457.5D Schwarz100-7

Turffontein Thu 23 Sep 3:35

Race 7 MR 83 Handicap (F&M) 1800m Win time: 110.66s

10Astral Plane652.0J Mariba5-1
20.70Princess Kesh552.0R Munger20-7
31.10Veld Flower163.5X Jacobs20-1
43.50Masaaken752.0M Yeni100-33
55.00Rock You357.0D Schwarz17-2
65.75Traveling Wilbury260.0G Lerena25-7
77.05Timeforthat852.0P Mxoli100-7

Turffontein Thu 23 Sep 4:10

Race 8 MR 66 Handicap (F&M) 1800m Win time: 112.06s

10Lilliana756.5W Kennedy33-19
20.50Tinder Dry1155.0S Khumalo10-3
31.50Dark Travel558.0G Lerena25-4
43.50Dutchessburnedette658.0C Zackey50-3
54.90Whole Of The Moon856.5R Munger25-1
65.70Fasinada259.0N Klink100-13
76.70Crusade To Royalty458.5D Schwarz100-7
86.95Lucky Shamrock956.0M Yeni20-1
910.55Burnt Jasper358.5J R Syster20-1
1012.75Sheltering Sky1055.5K Matsunyane75-1
1113.75Wonderous160.0L Hewitson50-1

Turffontein Thu 23 Sep 4:45

Race 9 MR 64 Handicap (F&M) 1200m Win time: 72.47s

10Princess Sabrina461.0M Yeni17-2
21.50Java House361.0R Munger20-7
32.00Queen Anne's Lace162.0X Jacobs5-1
43.10Samoa659.5S Khumalo5-1
53.90Broadway Babe1152.0N Klink50-1
66.15Hear The Trumpet560.0G Lerena25-2
77.90Miss Costa Rica957.5W Kennedy25-7
89.40Princess Queen759.0C F Dicken10-1
912.40Paschals Samore1057.0R Danielson40-1