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Greyville Sun 22 Jul 12:30

Race 1 Maiden Juvenile Plate (Fillies)(Polytrack) 1200m Win time: 71.4s

10Not Now Pussycat760.0R Fourie9-2
21.25By The Way160.0W Kennedy18-1
31.75Star In The Sky1060.0T Godden22-1
42.00Face Of An Angel460.0G Wright66-1
52.05Starlight1160.0M Yeni71-20
62.15Dieci360.0S Veale2-1
72.20Palace Rose860.0L Hewitson9-2
86.70Kilvington660.0K Sakayi22-1
98.45Caribbean Mist260.0A Arries36-1
1013.45Sun On Sand1260.0J L Samuel100-1
1113.95Sassy Queen960.0L J Ferraris50-1
1218.95Jamaica Inn560.0S Randolph44-1

Greyville Sun 22 Jul 1:05

Race 2 Maiden Plate (Polytrack) 1200m Win time: 70.3s

10Lotsa Silver260.0B Lerena57-20
21.75Caprera1057.0K de Melo113-20
33.00Gordonstoun760.0M Yeni4-1
44.00The Grey Crusader160.0L Pagel61-20
55.50Race For Graham1157.0W Kennedy36-1
67.50Prince Ponti360.0S Randolph71-10
77.75King Of Samash660.0M Khan100-1
89.25Golden Tower560.0C Zackey50-1
911.00They say460.0S Veale22-1
1013.00Mystical Summer957.5K Sakayi36-1
1113.75Spring Lightning857.5L Hewitson28-1

Greyville Sun 22 Jul 1:40

Race 3 MR 62 Handicap (F&M)(Polytrack) 1400m Win time: 83.8s

10Show Me Your Rosie659.5A Domeyer71-20
21.00Brave And Bold958.0G Cheyne8-1
31.10Sheik's Storm161.5W Kennedy11-1
43.35Art Attack1056.5S Veale22-1
53.85Hannah's Answer1154.0M Yeni113-20
63.90Power Horse1353.5reserve 128-1
74.40Fashion Display261.5B Lerena28-1
84.50Hatfield Square559.5K de Melo113-20
94.75Myelisha361.0B Fayd'Herbe8-1
106.50Summer In The City858.5L Hewitson10-1
118.00Tommaso759.0C Zackey22-1
1212.00The Matador459.5R Fourie15-1

Greyville Sun 22 Jul 2:15

Race 4 MR 64 Handicap (Polytrack) 1400m Win time: 83.3s

10Silver Cent1256.5L Hewitson31-4
20.50March Preview561.0M Yeni18-1
30.75Benfontein261.5W Kennedy5-1
41.50Son Of Silver1157.5C Zackey31-4
51.65Edge Of The Sun760.5B Fayd'Herbe21-4
62.15Ram Trip361.5B Lerena21-4
74.15Mark Tapley860.5K de Melo28-1
84.20Rockefeller461.5S Veale15-1
94.35Captain Cobalt660.5A Domeyer13-1
105.85Aldo's Chase1058.0R Fourie9-2
116.35Phoebus959.0R Munger28-1
128.35Caddy Master162.0G Cheyne36-1

Greyville Sun 22 Jul 2:50

Race 5 Off To Stud Stakes (F&M)(LIsted)(Polytrack) 1600m Win time: 94.54s

10Love To Boogie360.0A Domeyer9-2
22.25Final Judgement160.0B Lerena5-1
33.50Heaps of Fun460.0L Hewitson8-1
46.00Trippi's Girl757.0C Zackey8-1
56.10Intergalactic857.0M Yeni36-1
66.25Fantasy Lady658.5K de Melo18-1
711.25Kilauea260.0S Veale27-4
812.75Kahula558.5R Fourie71-20
913.25Karatage1052.5W Kennedy8-1
1014.75The High Life954.0M Ntuli50-1

Greyville Sun 22 Jul 3:25

Race 6 MR 68 Handicap (F&M)(Polytrack) 1900m Win time: 115.85s

10Expresso Martini1057.5K de Melo9-2
20.10Into The Groove461.0G Cheyne9-1
30.35Illuminate658.5W Kennedy41-10
41.60Pumpkin Queen162.0R Munger41-10
54.35Suprise Move1254.5C Zackey11-1
64.45Ideal Duel361.0A Domeyer15-1
74.70Peggy's Dream560.5L Hewitson22-1
85.95Celestial Gold957.5M Yeni50-1
96.05Janice's Secret1157.0R Fourie8-1
107.80Vilette261.5B Fayd'Herbe13-1
118.30Pomona858.0B Lerena36-1
1210.05Mirwa758.0S Veale15-1

Greyville Sun 22 Jul 4:00

Race 7 Maiden Plate (F&M)(Polytrack) 1800m Win time: 111.39s

10Miss Ferris560.0A Domeyer13-1
23.50Crown Charka460.0R Munger15-1
35.25Summer Day1255.0R Fourie47-20
45.30Three Ships860.0M Yeni50-1
55.80Call Me Tonight1155.0C Zackey57-20
66.30Liberty Print260.0B Fayd'Herbe11-1
77.30Velvet Glove1060.0B Lerena28-1
87.35Pamunkey960.0G Cheyne50-1
99.10Sunny Girl160.0S Veale27-4
109.35Aiden's Porsche760.0W Kennedy22-1
1111.35Shadow Hunter360.0L Hewitson31-4

Greyville Sun 22 Jul 4:35

Race 8 Maiden Plate (Polytrack) 1400m Win time: 84.04s

10Truly Wicked1156.0M Khan26-10
25.25Exclusive Quantity856.0G Cheyne26-10
36.25Lucara160.0L Pagel11-1
46.75Double Deluxe756.0S Veale26-10
56.80Wolf Killer660.0L Hewitson50-1
611.80Small Town Dude956.0A Arries36-1
711.85Q Behind Me260.0S Moodley31-4
816.10Scottish Blue560.0G Wright100-1
916.85The Bachelor1056.0K Sakayi36-1
1020.10Net Work Jet360.0S Randolph36-1