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Recent Results Summary

Race Meetings
Kenilworth Wed 22 Nov 1:35

Race 1 Maiden Plate 1000m Win time: 60s

10Arabian Song259.0R Fourie6-1
20.30Pata Pata559.0C Orffer5-10
31.05Quarllo160.0P Botha9-2
42.30La Mer359.0D Ashby36-1
55.55Moonlight Dancer756.5D Dillon28-1
67.80Twofold459.0R Khathi80-1
7DistRempli De Delice856.5L Burke30-1
Kenilworth Wed 22 Nov 1:55

Race 2 Maiden Plate (F&M) 1200m Win time: 74s

10Omega Force960.0B Fayd'Herbe15-10
20.75Hammie's Fan160.0G van Niekerk19-1
32.00Miss Smarty Pants860.0C Orffer15-1
42.10Perfectproportions1060.0A Domeyer12-1
53.10Two Colours1260.0S Veale36-1
63.40Fashion Force460.0Wes Marwing66-1
76.90Vice Versa1460.0G Cheyne7-1
88.40Olive May260.0G Behr28-1
910.90Green Ballerina660.0L Africa66-1
1011.65Looking At Stars760.0S Cele44-1
1112.05Fine Lady560.0L Mxothwa66-1
1215.55Vase1360.0D Dillon2-1
1331.80Champagne Grace360.0L Hewitson66-1
Kenilworth Wed 22 Nov 2:25

Race 3 Maiden Plate 1400m Win time: 88s

10What A Joker1158.0A Domeyer41-10
20.30Doyles558.0B Fayd'Herbe14-10
32.30Risky Rambo260.0A Balloo16-1
44.05Proud Dynasty160.0M Byleveld11-2
54.80Electro Cat458.0R Fourie14-1
65.00Earl Of Warwick658.0C Orffer13-1
76.25The River Green1058.0L Hewitson13-1
86.65Jailhouse Rock758.0G van Niekerk9-1
96.85Parade Of Nations858.0D Dillon36-1
108.60The Donegal Man360.0D Ashby100-1
119.10Parisian Gold958.0C Ngcobo80-1
Kenilworth Wed 22 Nov 3:00

Race 4 Maiden Plate (F&M) 1400m Win time: 88s

10Travel In Style1258.0G van Niekerk5-1
20.40Anina558.0P Botha75-1
32.15Snow Crystal358.0A Domeyer5-2
43.90Symphony258.0M Byleveld13-2
54.30Blue Rhone Sky758.0B Fayd'Herbe8-1
65.55Sommersonne1158.0R Fourie28-10
76.80Pumpkin Queen458.0G Behr15-1
87.30Cape Sky658.0L Africa66-1
97.50Margot Fonteyn1058.0L Mxothwa100-1
1012.00Hemero958.0S Cele28-1
11DistEximia160.0Wes Marwing28-1
Kenilworth Wed 22 Nov 3:50

Race 5 MR 80 Handicap 1400m Win time: 85s

10Bernie852.0G van Niekerk5-1
22.25Hemmingway754.5R Khathi5-2
34.25Icon King161.0B Fayd'Herbe4-1
44.30Strikeitlikeamatch457.5P Botha5-2
56.05Pergola952.0A Balloo11-1
68.05Unbelievable Chad655.5L Hewitson13-1
712.55Silver Willow259.5L Mxothwa36-1
Kenilworth Wed 22 Nov 4:25

Race 6 MR 72 Handicap 1000m Win time: 59s

10What A Winner756.0A Domeyer33-10
22.25Western Storm557.0M Winnaar33-10
33.50Waitingfortonight954.0R Fourie9-1
43.60Para Handy160.5C Orffer11-1
53.65Cardinal Call457.0D Dillon13-2
64.40Fire Walker358.0P Botha11-2
76.65Pen-Chan855.0R Khathi18-1
88.90Hereford1053.5G van Niekerk11-2
Kenilworth Wed 22 Nov 5:00

Race 7 Conditions Plate (F&M) 1600m Win time: 99s

10Seattle Gold1253.5G Cheyne36-1
20.75Gimme Six456.0G van Niekerk21-10
30.85Goodtime Gal260.0B Fayd'Herbe7-1
42.10Whose That Girl856.0A Domeyer10-1
52.30Silvan Star160.0R Fourie15-2
62.35Safe Harbour1054.0L Hewitson10-1
72.55Louisiana358.0S Cele36-1
83.80Epona756.0D Dillon30-1
93.90Francia1154.0S Veale45-1
104.10Nightingale556.0M Byleveld8-1
114.50Star Express656.0B May19-1
125.75Lady Of the House954.0C Orffer6-1
1311.25Captain Gambler1352.0A Andrews44-1
Kenilworth Wed 22 Nov 5:35

Race 8 MR 64 Handicap 1600m Win time: 99s

10Mega Secret859.5R Khathi12-1
20.05World Mission660.0G Behr12-1
30.35Ben-hur759.5A Domeyer10-1
40.55Liquid Dynamite260.5G van Niekerk9-2
52.05Tsitsikamma Dance560.0C Orffer5-1
62.80Desert Lark1357.0L Burke36-1
72.85Querari's Secret1159.0M Byleveld9-1
82.90Siberian Husky460.0L Hewitson11-1
95.15Sabbatical360.0B Fayd'Herbe8-1
105.35Dalibhunga1761.0reserve 119-1
115.65League Game160.5R Fourie16-1
126.40In The Jungle1257.5P Botha10-1
137.40Show Stealer1555.0C Ngcobo75-1
147.80Cream Soda Green1059.0A Balloo22-1