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Vaal Tue 21 Jan 12:25

Race 1 Maiden Plate 1400m Win time: 82.62s

10Gold Rock1259.0L J Ferraris17-2
20.20Bravo One659.0N Juglall36-1
30.40Twice The Surge1659.0G Lerena14-10
40.90Untamed Tiger1059.0C Maujean44-1
52.00Jackpot Jewel160.0W Kennedy9-2
62.25Tyrus Express260.0D L Habib16-1
73.25Curious759.0S Khumalo15-1
83.50Eppagilia859.0C Habib33-1
95.75Opening Gambit959.0R Danielson15-1
106.50Torben Spirit1559.0N Klink33-1
118.00Latest Craze459.0D R Lerena12-1
1211.00Born In The Usa360.0K Matsunyane44-1
1315.00Kruispad1359.0J Sampson66-1
1415.50Custom Made1159.0C Zackey33-1
1521.00Semper Fi559.0M V'Rensburg15-1

Vaal Tue 21 Jan 1:00

Race 2 Maiden Plate (F&M) 1400m Win time: 82.34s

10Franklin559.0not declared16-1
21.00Peaceontherocks659.0C Murray5-2
33.50Stormy Weathers360.0S Khumalo50-1
45.00Maculate1559.0D de Gouveia12-1
56.00Dance Class1359.0R Danielson16-1
66.10Paschals Samore859.0C Habib50-1
76.25Candy Cane959.0C Maujean30-1
87.35Roksolana1259.0P Mxoli70-1
98.00Theatre Of Dreams1659.0W Kennedy18-10
108.25Thea Maria1059.0C Storey66-1
1112.25Hope For Millions260.0D Schwarz70-1
1213.00Elusive Breeze1159.0M Thackeray70-1
1313.50Ella Bean1459.0G Lerena14-1
1414.00Holiday In Spain1859.0reserve 266-1
1514.50Differentiate759.0S Brown25-1
1615.50Varnica459.0L J Ferraris17-2

Vaal Tue 21 Jan 1:35

Race 3 Maiden Plate (F&M) 1400m Win time: 83.21s

10Loralei1559.0W Kennedy73-20
21.25Cotopaxi759.0D L Habib4-1
32.25Belle View559.0N Klink9-1
42.35Anatura959.0R Danielson18-1
52.50Get Set459.0R Simons12-1
63.75Arabella Queen859.0C Bantam40-1
73.85Winning Queen160.0D Schwarz36-1
85.50Emerald Crest659.0S Khumalo2-1
96.00Olympic Destiny1659.0J Sampson20-1
108.25Enya260.0S Brown66-1
1110.50Sausalito1359.0P Mxoli66-1
1210.60Clifton Cougar1159.0C Habib33-1
1312.50Euphoriant1459.0K Matsunyane40-1
1414.00Pavlova Project360.0C Zackey50-1
1514.75Fire Frost1259.0M Mjoka50-1
1620.00Rock Of Madeira1059.0C Storey66-1

Vaal Tue 21 Jan 2:10

Race 4 MR 89 Handicap (3yo's) 1600m Win time: 94.48s

10Dual At Dawn757.0K Matsunyane4-1
21.25Rooi Tom260.0J R Syster113-20
32.00Your Pace Or Mine460.0G Lerena9-2
43.75Whipping Boy558.5C Zackey13-2
54.00Follow My Path857.0M V'Rensburg12-1
66.25Trapiche956.5L J Ferraris9-2
76.75Hertog160.0P Mxoli13-2
811.25Stone Judgement658.0C Maujean14-1

Vaal Tue 21 Jan 2:45

Race 5 MR 88 Handicap 1100m Win time: 63.87s

10Epic Dream259.5P Mxoli8-1
22.50Scoop459.0N Juglall50-1
33.25Galactic Warrior757.5M V'Rensburg12-1
43.50Oden359.5D de Gouveia33-10
54.25Illusion558.0W Kennedy57-20
64.75Prince Of Venice658.0R Simons16-1
74.80Battle Creek161.0C Maujean14-1
85.50Sullenberger954.5T Juglall9-2
95.55Certifiable1054.5C Zackey20-1
106.25Eurostorm1152.0J R Syster50-1
116.50Elusive Jack1252.0M Thackeray50-1
128.00Moon Warrior857.0C Habib28-1

Vaal Tue 21 Jan 3:20

Race 6 Pinnacle Stakes (F&M) 1800m Win time: 108.73s

10Flichity By Farr456.0G Lerena2-1
20.25Seville Orange358.0C Zackey10-1
30.35Return Flight160.0D Schwarz9-2
42.00Jet Start258.0W Kennedy18-10
53.75Rouge Allure654.0C Habib25-1
64.00Soul Of Wit750.0M Mjoka36-1
74.75Pretty Border556.0M V'Rensburg9-1

Vaal Tue 21 Jan 3:55

Race 7 MR 80 Handicap 1800m Win time: 108.98s

10Our Man In Havana1356.0G Lerena22-10
21.25Rocky Path658.0D de Gouveia11-1
31.75At Hand160.5C Zackey10-1
42.75Theravada957.0C Maujean10-1
52.80Lainsberg Blue1655.0C Habib66-1
62.85Top Rank1555.5M V'Rensburg13-1
73.50African Adventure857.0W Kennedy9-1
84.25Christopher Robin1256.0R Danielson93-20
94.35Brand New Cadillac259.5D Schwarz40-1
105.35Gentleman Only1752.0reserve 150-1
115.75Shabba Ranks757.5S Khumalo13-1
125.85Electromagnetic1056.5L J Ferraris25-1
136.00Street Flyer1455.5J Penny50-1
146.75Corrido459.0S Brown40-1
15DistRoyal Honour558.5D L Habib18-1

Vaal Tue 21 Jan 4:35

Race 8 MR 92 Handicap (F&M) 1400m Win time: 80.67s

10Rockin Russian757.5L J Ferraris30-1
20.20Rio's Winter657.5G Lerena17-4
30.25Too Phat To Fly260.5W Kennedy8-1
43.25All Of Me358.5C Murray16-1
54.25Anne Boleyn1352.0N Juglall5-1
65.50Royal Lily1054.0C Maujean30-1
76.75Flying High557.5S Khumalo19-4
87.00Westwing Belter1154.0M Mjoka66-1
99.00Zulu Dawn1254.0N Klink50-1
1010.75Heart Of A Legend160.5D de Gouveia55-1
1112.75Scent Of Evening458.5J Penny31-4
1214.00Swept Off My Feet856.0C Habib36-1
1314.05Gallic Princess954.5C Zackey57-20

Vaal Tue 21 Jan 5:10

Race 9 MR 72 Handicap (F&M) 1400m Win time: 82.24s

10Flaming Duchess958.0J Moutard16-1
21.75Oceania1457.5R Simons11-1
32.00Colour Of Light758.5L J Ferraris11-1
43.00Tahitian Orana459.0N Juglall13-2
53.50Samarra1358.0D R Lerena18-1
64.25Kapama360.0G Lerena13-2
74.50Midnight Top1258.0C Zackey12-1
85.75Picatrix1655.0M Thackeray50-1
96.50Ex's 'n Oh's260.0D L Habib7-1
106.60Lady Lexington858.5S Khumalo113-20
116.75Lonely Night659.0N Klink25-1
128.75Queen Of Soul1158.0C Maujean20-1
1311.00Indian Song559.0M V'Rensburg30-1
1416.00Anagram160.0K Steyn30-1
1522.00Footstepsintherain1058.0C Habib12-1
1622.50Kimberley Green1556.5D Schwarz33-1