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Race Meetings

Hollywoodbets Greyville Mon 24 Aug 11:40

Race 1 Maiden Plate (3yo)(Polytrack) 1200m Win time: 69.3s

10Double Rainbow960.0S Veale25-1
21.70Vista Nova760.0W Kennedy22-1
32.50Late Night Live1057.5S Randolph100-1
43.10Casadoro1257.5L Hewitson80-1
55.70Bringbackthemoney560.0M Yeni50-1
66.20Preemptive Strike1160.0R Fourie33-1
76.50Higher Purpose360.0T Godden14-10
812.00Thunder Road860.0G Lerena22-1
912.05Speedy Jack660.0N Patel100-1
1012.15Alacritas460.0A Marcus11-10
1116.45Fearless Knight260.0M Khan50-1
1221.75I'm So Kool160.0A Arries66-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Mon 24 Aug 12:10

Race 2 Maiden Plate (F&M)(Polytrack) 1000m Win time: 57.97s

10Lavu Lavu1058.0K Strydom13-20
21.90Justadoreher160.0S Moodley14-1
33.10Kinskey's Tune358.0T Godden15-4
44.15Au Revoir660.0J Gates66-1
55.05English Princess458.0R Fourie5-1
66.95Highland Heather1260.0L Hewitson35-1
77.75Pirate's Love760.0K de Melo16-1
89.55Justice Is Served860.0R Danielson66-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Mon 24 Aug 12:40

Race 3 Maiden Plate (F&M)(Polytrack) 1400m Win time: 83.09s

10Wintertime960.0A Marcus6-1
20.60Innogen660.0M H Zuma33-4
32.10Freestate Star857.0S Veale33-10
44.70Golly Miss Molly757.0R Fourie27-20
55.60Girl From Ipanema1160.0K Strydom40-1
65.65Golden Archer360.0S Randolph80-1
75.95Neverending Love1257.0W Kennedy22-1
86.45Constantia460.0A Arries22-1
98.55Song Of Ice1357.0reserve 180-1
1015.15Shadow Magic560.0D Dillon80-1
1117.15Bella's Fortune1057.0G Wright40-1
1220.35Zulu Citation157.0L Hewitson16-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Mon 24 Aug 1:10

Race 4 Maiden Plate (Polytrack) 2000m Win time: 123.07s

10Rex Union656.0K de Melo33-20
21.90Garlin856.0W Kennedy18-1
34.10Glacier Rush360.0T Gumede15-2
45.40Chewbaca1160.0G Wright53-20
55.45Sonjador960.0L Hewitson87-20
66.75Persona Grata460.0J Gates30-1
710.15Angelo's Flame760.0A Arries66-1
812.45Go Daddy1260.0D Dillon66-1
912.50Saipan1060.0M Yeni40-1
1019.60Roy's Social Club260.0S Moodley50-1
1119.90Radio Silence556.0S Veale66-1
1219.95Vihaan The Riggler156.0K Strydom66-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Mon 24 Aug 1:50

Race 5 MR 90 Handicap (F&M)(Polytrack) 2000m Win time: 123.99s

10Irish Wonder Girl358.0W Kennedy63-20
20.25Jacqueline160.0S Veale28-10
30.45Scarlet Chill456.0L Hewitson10-1
43.15Silva Magic656.0K de Melo37-20
55.55Wishful Girl Linn753.0E S Ngwane33-1
610.95Railtrip258.0G Lerena25-4
712.65Komeshans Flight857.0S Moodley40-1
822.25Carmella552.0A Arries75-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Mon 24 Aug 2:25

Race 6 MR 76 Handicap (Polytrack) 2000m Win time: 121.62s

10Roy's Physco257.0G Lerena14-1
20.15Rasputin's Remedy558.0A Arries33-1
30.20The Appeal758.0S Moodley20-1
41.00Gentleman's Wager358.5A Marcus2-1
53.70Velvet Season1159.0L Hewitson6-1
63.75Living Waters459.5W Kennedy7-1
73.80Samsonite1059.0T Godden33-1
84.70Winter Is Over1258.5G Pieterse40-1
95.10Tom Bombadil157.5S Randolph33-1
106.80In Auro660.0R Fourie10-1
117.90Lightning Parcador959.0D Dillon10-1
1215.00Dinetto858.5K de Melo8-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Mon 24 Aug 3:00

Race 7 MR 60 Handicap (Polytrack) 1600m Win time: 95.64s

10Oh Yeah361.5R Danielson40-1
21.05Hammam160.5K de Melo7-1
32.25Rocky Coast559.0L Hewitson7-1
43.30Fort Carol961.0M Yeni25-1
54.10Top Salute656.5J Gates66-1
64.15Grande Maestro461.0A Marcus14-10
75.85Silver Cent260.0E S Ngwane7-1
86.15Isikheto1160.0J Jacobs16-1
96.65Burnt Rock855.5S Randolph20-1
107.55Duran1358.0reserve 116-1
1112.75Regent Seven1057.5B Jacobson25-1
1219.75Stand By Me758.5M Khan12-1

Hollywoodbets Greyville Mon 24 Aug 3:35

Race 8 MR 67 Handicap (Polytrack) 1200m Win time: 69.64s

10Maa Nonu158.5S Moodley12-1
20.70Jerry The Juggler1255.5R Fourie16-1
32.00Truly Wicked758.5J Gates157-20
42.40Roy's Magic361.0T Gumede15-4
53.30Alphamikefoxtrot457.5S Veale20-1
63.80Pantsula960.5W Kennedy9-1
73.85Jardin657.0L Hewitson111-20
83.90Mokoko861.5K de Melo12-1
94.60Greattobecaptain556.5S Randolph20-1
105.50Candle Cove1157.5M Yeni18-1
116.90Bravo Zulu257.5K Strydom12-1
127.50Times New Roman1060.5K Sakayi27-4

Hollywoodbets Greyville Mon 24 Aug 4:15

Race 9 MR 70 Handicap (Polytrack) 1000m Win time: 57.54s

10Miss Generosity1260.0R Fourie25-1
21.00Noemi656.5G Pieterse15-1
31.05Jonathan1156.0G Lerena11-2
42.25Purple Powahouse460.0L Hewitson87-20
52.35Fives Wild1057.0T Gumede20-1
62.95Concealed Secret257.0M Yeni50-1
73.65Rocket Fire559.0M Khan16-1
83.85Bright Flame160.0A Marcus3-1
94.00West Of Seattle359.5D Dillon35-1
104.70Mojito Magic858.0T Godden12-1
116.30First Sighting958.5J Jacobs21-2
126.80Charlie-Fox1353.5reserve 125-4