Gambling Review Commission

Parliament misinformed

A report from a self-proclaimed head of a non-existent Groom Union presented at the public hearings of the Portfolio Committee on Gambling Review Commission’s Report in Parliament.

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Gambling Review: Public Hearings

The Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry has released programmes for public hearings to be held on 28 October and 2 November. Everyone and his dog is there – even BetFair has a presentation.

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Levelling the Playing Fields

The horseracing Operators, Gold Circle and Phumelela, have each tendered written submissions to Parliamentary Committee of the DTI in support of a need to “level the playing fields”, identified by a Gambling Review Commission

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Barking Up The Wrong Tree

LANCE BENSON: The legalisation of Dog Racing was discussed in parliament last week. As usual there are two opposing lobbies and the debate has a long road to walk still

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From Chaos To Reform

Charl Pretorius writes in his Off The Record column on the 4Racing website that owners, trainers and racing fans are gravely concerned about the state of our industry

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