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Crazy About Pika!

Forget McDonald’s birthday parties for kids, now they come to celebrate the equine namesake of a cartoon character they recognise. And even Ferraris’ intimidating gravelly voice couldn’t quieten the cries of “Pika, Pika”.

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Ownership Not A Right

Some high net-worth people regard ownership at an elite level as a status symbol for which they are willing to spend proper money for proper horses

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Felix Coetzee (photo: hamishNIVENPhotography)

Shock As The Cat Bows Out

He was a genius in the saddle who rode winners all over the globe and carried the South African brand with pride and glory. His shock retirement has shaken the industry but the legend lives on…

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Proudly South African

The SA flag will fly proudly in Hong Kong for the Audemars Piguet QEII Cup, where Mike De Kock continues his support of the race since 2004.

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From Chaos To Reform

Charl Pretorius writes in his Off The Record column on the 4Racing website that owners, trainers and racing fans are gravely concerned about the state of our industry

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