Legends of the Turf

Zorba's Tale as In Full Flight

Reliving The Legends

These are GREAT stories. They are funny and tragic and inspiring and dramatic. These are our stories and this is our heritage and perhaps what makes it all the more special is that it is our people, and our horses, bringing them back to life for a whole new audience to enjoy.

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Jimmy Lithgow

RIP Jimmy Lithgow

Jimmy saw so much colour and humour in everything, that life will always be a little brighter and cheerier for having had him in it. And therefore so will I.

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Syd Laird

Are you a Legend?

The Legends team has been overwhelmed with people volunteering to be members of the cast, but there are still a few characters, and most importantly, a few horses missing. Are you a potential Legend?

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Friends, Romans, Countrymen

Racing history is full of champion horses and colourful characters. Legends of the Turf will be filming reconstructions of some of the pivotal moments in our racing history and are appealing for racing fans to come down and join in the fun

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