Gavin Lerena

NHA: Gavin Lerena Suspended

Has the Right of Appeal against both the finding and the penalty imposed

The National Horseracing Authority has confirmed that at an inquiry held in Johannesburg on 26 September 2017, Jockey Gavin Lerena was charged with a contravention of Rule 62.2.3. read more

Kimberley Gets Permanent Stipe

Centre accommodates four hundred race horses

The National Horseracing Authority has confirmed that David Rahilly, a member of the Central Provinces Stipendiary Board, has been appointed as the resident Stipendiary Steward read more

Mike de Kock

Top Men Give NHA Ultimatum

National Trainers Representative Body give Witts-Hewinson marching orders

Racing authorities are all too eager to make themselves look good and to justify their existence at the expense of the reputation of trainers and jockeys and, and ultimately, at the expense of the industry read more

James Goodman

Justice For James

Just a bit too much of the 'Power Of One'?

The Durban High Court has delivered a damning judgement against the National Horseracing Authority based on unfair and haphazard handling of procedures and a conflicted office bearer – read the full judgement read more

NHA Farrier Honoured

PE NHA Licenced Farrier is tops

Steven Kane, was recently honoured by his peers at the South African Association of Professional Farriers Interprovincial Competition, held in Johannesburg read more

Fairview Start – NHA Respond

Report back on The Cat and Placido

Providing more detailed information as to how Stipendiary Stewards reach their decisions is an aspect of reporting currently under review by the National Horseracing Authority read more

Lacklustre Ride – JP Suspended

He has the right of Appeal against both the finding and the penalty imposed

After viewing the patrol films of the race and hearing all the evidence presented, the Board was of the opinion that Trainer Botes did not have a charge to answer to and therefore took no further action against him read more