Cape Racing Salutes The Stars

All the winners

Vodacom Durban July winning trainer Candice Bass-Robinson received a special achievement award, as did owner Fred Crabbia and his star African Night Sky for winning the Highlands Part of Ridgemont Cape Winter Series. Brett Crawford’s 6 Gr1 wins also earned him an achievement award read more


No More High-Stakes

RA Cancels Racing Game

In an announcement issued to players on Wednesday, 19 July, it was confirmed that racing’s weekly High-Stakes game has been discontinued read more


'The state of the track will be reviewed by the track management team tomorrow' - Phumelela

Treating your stakeholders like mugs in these tough times is a guaranteed recipe for disaster. Something must surely change… read more


Knowledge Is Key

Why are we being locked out?

Asking for an explanation regarding stakes and the Industry Liaison Committee meetings resulted in a rather abrupt reply from the Racing Association. We wonder why this information is such a big deal. read more

PMG Chairman, Victor Ndwashu

Grooms To March On Turffontein

Progressive Movement Of Grooms Appeal For Change

The Progressive Movement of Grooms is to stage a peaceful march to Turffontein on Friday, 10 March to deliver a memorandum to racing operator, Phumelela read more

Cotton-Eye Joe

Where Does It Come From, Where Does It Go?

RA CEO Larry Wainstein recently stated that the Racing Association governs all stake money paid to owners and it is them that foot the bill. We try to find out where our stakes come from and where they go read more

Creator lead in

Average Age Of An Owner Is 59

British survey reveals some interesting facts

What, if anything, are the South African racing operators, the sales companies and the Racing Association doing scientifically to ensure that fewer owners leave the sport and untapped markets are reached to net new owners? read more

‘I Swore At Larry’

Wainstein – The Other Party Speaks

The much publicised incident at Turffontein Racecourse on Champions Day involving Racing Association CEO Larry Wainstein and an anonymous punter remains the subject of a National Horseracing Authority Inquiry read more

Larry Is Contrite

And it's 'no further sanction' from the RA Board

“In light of Mr Wainstein’s unequivocal apology, together with the contriteness he has shown, the Board feels that no further sanction is necessary,” says the RA Board read more

Where’s The Fireworks?

I remain unconvinced that the RA acts in the interests of all owners

I read with amusement the Racing Association response to the Time for Change article. There is such a long winded justification of the actions taken by them that many of my questions remain unanswered read more