Cotton-Eye Joe

RA CEO Larry Wainstein recently stated that the Racing Association governs all stake money paid to owners and it is them that foot the bill. We try to find out where our stakes come from and where they go

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Jockey International

Colour Me Purple

The NHA states that they are there to maintain the integrity of horse racing. I happen to think it is vital that we have a strong, independent regulatory body. Unfortunately the way this incident was handled has done little to convince me that we do.

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National Horseracing Authority

Jockey SA Colours Disappointment

The awarding of the “unauthorised” Protea colours was done on the strength of an email which was sent to the organisers (Mr Larry Wainstein) by the Chief Financial Officer of SASCOC…

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Hogg & Du Plessis on the Hearings

Gambling has been delegated to the provinces and we have to deal with 9 different gambling boards, with 9 different standards and 9 different procedures and 9 different tax rates

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