Tshwaro Appie

Appie Appeal Succeeds

The Appeal Board was of the unanimous view that the conviction and penalty, based on the record, was unsustainable. In coming to its finding, the Appeal Board considered that Mr Appie had followed the instructions given to him by Trainer Grant Maroun, which instructions were accepted and unchallenged by the Inquiry Board

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Rain Storms Home!

Mike De Kock has shown a brand of loyalty unique in horseracing. The champion trainer has stuck with a 21 year old newly qualified jockey

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Newly qualified and WINNING FORM-sponsored jockey Tshwaro Appie has shown himself to be a young rider of real promise, so much so that he has caught the attention of no less than champion trainer Mike de Kock.

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Appie’s Double Delight

An unremarkable looking Vaal programme played itself out on a rather tatty looking sand surface on 22 November with one jockey casualty and a few

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