Variety Club

Peter Gibson

The Politics of the Protocol

“We may have the best quality horses at the best prices, but until we can create a demand from receiving countries and force sufficient compromise with regards to the current demands placed on us, nothing will change”

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Holding out for a Hero

When Variety Club was lead back to the presentation area, he received the most astounding reception from the local Hong Kong punters I’ve ever seen.

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Hurry Up And Wait

SA horses share the traits that make Australasian-bred horses the dominant force in Hong Kong – speed, precocity and firm track talent – but will be much cheaper, at least in the early days until market forces again run wild

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Cape Trainers Full Of Excuses!

“It is disappointing to see our hierarchy being so easily manipulated. I am a firm believer that if trainers don’t want to accept and there are only one or two left in the race and there is a walkover, then it should happen.” Fair point made and is the former Cape Champion being a bit radical or is he correct?

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Red Letter Day for Team Variety Club

“I got a sense then for the first time how important these races are for South Africans and I actually felt pressure to the point that I didn’t want to sit in the room.” Mike de Kock speaks about how it feels to represent the hopes of a nation

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Variety Club adds spice to the Asian Racing Conference

After Variety Club’s decisive victory in the Champions Mile, Hong Kong Jockey Club CEO and Olympic Committee representative Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges provided manna to SA industry ears by saying ”If there was not already an incentive for the Asian Racing Federation to facilitate a better travel situation for South African horses to the great races of the world, then we saw one today.”

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