Variety Club & Anton Marcus

Anatomy Of A Champion

The Channel 4 team look beneath the surface to see what makes our horses work

Every wondered what makes a champion? The Channel 4 documentary team delve beneath the skin to find out. read more

Horse on treadmill

Judging Fitness

A few clues to help you on race day

Fitness levels can roughly be defined as a reflection of the efficiency of the anaerobic and aerobic respiratory pathways and the efficiency of the functioning of the racehorse’s different, complex, biological systems. read more


Anatomy Of A Handicap

All you ever wanted to know but didn’t dare ask

Handicapping is the foundation on which racing throughout the world is built. It was introduced (officially) in the middle of the 19th century to British racing by Admiral Rous, who was able to express the ability of horses as a figure, in his time in stones and pounds weight. read more

Weighing Up Races

Challenges facing a handicapper are manyfold

Handicapping is a matter of discovering how good a horse is, and under which circumstances that horse is most likely to reproduce his best. read more

Mark your card

Ready To Win

A simple approach to marking your card

Marking your card this way is not nearly as much hard work as it looks. And it’s fun. read more


Predicting Staying Ability

Some educated guesswork on a horse’s best distance

The definition of handicapping in my book is to quantify the ability of a horse. Find out what he is best at, what he needs to produce his best, and put a number to it. read more


Performance Indexing

A different look at assessment of merit

Conditions racing is intended to measure the merit of performance at set weights while handicapping is intended to level the performance at different weights; the former is expected to establish the quality of competing individuals while the latter is expected to produce the closest possible finish. read more

Heated debate

A Matter Of Merit (1) – Merit Ratings & How They Work

Converting kilos to lengths

The official handicapper must work on the assumption that most horses are inherently consistent, and reproduce their best form for periods at a time – if not all the time. By measuring what is regarded as normal form, and expressing it in a figure, horses can be matched against each other and the playing field be levelled. read more

King's Pact winning the 1953 Champion Stakes

Remembering King’s Pact

The story of one of South Africa's most famous race mares

Queen of the Turf and a public idol in her day, King’s Pact was one of the most famous race mares ever produced in South Africa. read more

Garth and champion Bush Telegraph

Man & Machine

A former SA Champion jockey and 3-time Met winner, sends out his first runner in the Met read more

Lady In Waiting

Beach Beauty strives to match Renounce's feat in 1966

Beach Beauty strives to match Renounce’s feat in 1966 read more