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Horse on treadmill

Judging Fitness

Fitness levels can roughly be defined as a reflection of the efficiency of the anaerobic and aerobic respiratory pathways and the efficiency of the functioning of the racehorse’s different, complex, biological systems.

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Anatomy Of A Handicap

Handicapping is the foundation on which racing throughout the world is built. It was introduced (officially) in the middle of the 19th century to British racing by Admiral Rous, who was able to express the ability of horses as a figure, in his time in stones and pounds weight.

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Weighing Up Races

Handicapping is a matter of discovering how good a horse is, and under which circumstances that horse is most likely to reproduce his best.

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Predicting Staying Ability

The definition of handicapping in my book is to quantify the ability of a horse. Find out what he is best at, what he needs to produce his best, and put a number to it.

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