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Racing’s Secrets Revealed

all you always wanted to know but didn’t dare ask

A Matter Of Merit (1) – Merit Ratings & How They Work

The influence of weight over distance


A Matter Of Merit (2) – Merit Ratings & How They Work

How Weight-for-Age predicts a horse’s improvement


MR Handicapping Works – No Bull

Time for doubters to see the light – a thorough analysis of the application of the MR system in South Africa


Why Horses Carry Weight

Anatomy of a handicap


Weighing Up Races

Challenges facing a handicapper are manyfold


Predicting Staying Ability

Some educated guesswork about a horse’s best distance


Ready To Win

A simple approach to marking your card


The Power Of Ratings

If ratings work for racehorses, why not for stallions?


Judging Fitness

A few clues to help you on race day


Ask The Question

The SP team at your service – we’ll find the answer!

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