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Smart – Or Just Wukkin’ Around?

The Scottsville Wednesday meeting was a generally unhappy one for many punters with a Mullins Bay first-timer blowing the whole world out in the jackpot opener – and a backed horse unseating his jockey, before being passed fit to run – and then arriving a dirty fourth

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What’s The Rush?

With a first birthday just around the corner, the Racing – It’s A Rush initiative has to face some serious questions. Like what has actually been achieved and why a simple marketing tool like a website appears out of their reach? The jury is out – but you be the judge…

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Petty? We Think Not

The glamour of the British Royal Family, the American Triple Crown hero and Africa’s Greatest horserace – they are all great for added value horseracing entertainment. But does the ground-floor punter really get his rent paid by the Zayats, the Windsors, the Joostes or the NHA and racing operators?

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Great Scott! Not…

The moment was lost on Tellytrack, who chose to show us a harness race from Penrith instead of broadcasting a momentous historic moment in SA horseracing

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Racing Today – A Personal Choice

A jockey being stood down at Fairview today for reason of it being a religious day, reminds us of the good old days when Good Friday stood alongside Christmas as the two days of the year when racing took a complete break

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Tellytrack Needs To Get Real

Tellytrack’s broadcasting clique appear to have forgotten that it is horseracing and the customer, not their chummy anecdotes and nauseating smoke-blowing, that should define the information narrative

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J&B Met

Agh…We Love The Met Anyway

The charismatic legend of Andrew Fortune sitting on that expensive couch in an outfit that looked like he came straight from cleaning his garage , made the show worthwhile

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Grant van Niekerk

Bird, Plane? No, It’s Grant The Stood Down Jock

Considering that exotic bets are all about structure, about boxing clever and cost, and that beyond actual form and favoured yards, jockeys are just about the most important consideration for many, then punters may have been done a dirty

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From Russia With Love

Cape racegoers of an older generation will remember the fine racemare Boland Pride, who counted what is now the Gr1 Cape Fillies Guineas amongst her eight victories

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