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Royal Banker Blues

Reflecting back on a blue Monday to an entertaining Saturday and the dreams of what could have been, with a host of different banker options that never materialised in the bumper Pick 6

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Greyville Racecourse

Grave Ville, KZN

Are there not contingencies that can be put in place to accomodate some of the unforseen? This is after all, a multi-million rand industry, not a church fete

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Punters – You Now Have A Right To Be Heard!

“Hopefully someone might pick this up and fix what happened to you. You have every right to be cross,” said Cooper passing judgement in favour of the distraught Wayne and ensuring his job was safe. Now let’s hear Marshalls give their viewpoint on Tellytrack tomorrow. It is only fair

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The Clever Boy Who Made Us Cry

Nothing was forced. We loved it. It was something real. Something beyond all the razzmataz bulldust of social media and fake marketing campaigns that enrich all the wrong and don’t add an ounce of value to anybody who has shouted a horse home and spent part of the rent money on a certainty.

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Just Look Sharp

“It was a second hand horse and won a race ridden by Gary Molloy. We backed it and gave Bookmaker Morris Vee a real hiding. But John Fox is sadly out of the game now and I’m not surprised as he is just too honest. Other trainers manoeuvre and play around – he didn’t do that.”

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Cape Jockey Championship?

‘When you are a young rider starting out like Grant is, titles count for a lot on your CV. This is particularly so when you look for an opportunity to ride abroad. That is what overseas jurisdictions look for’

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Royal Ascot

Right Royal Bungle

Top-secret and classified. That is the approach adopted by Tellytrack as news leaks of Royal Ascot broadcast today of Mike De Kock’s bid to make history…

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Legend:’The Wrong Decision’

“Just look at the fields. There isn’t a 3yo in the Derby and the 3yo’s in the Oaks are up against the winners of the Oaks in the last two years. That doesn’t make any sense,”

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