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Available Racecards

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Example Racecards

Click on a racecard below to see whats included in the pdf

Sporting POST

Example Racecard
Sporting Post R8

All the fields and form, with rating summaries and selections. Price R8 per meeting.

Sporting PRO

Example Racecard
Sporting Pro R10

Extended version of Sporting Post format, with more formlines and background info. Price R10 per meeting.

Sporting TIPS

Example Racecard
Sporting Tips R5

Just the tips no formline or background info. Price R5 per meeting.


Manual Deposit

If you are having problems paying you can deposit money directly into our bank account.

  • Standard Bank
  • Account name: Winning Media
  • Account Number: 250769867
  • Sort/Branch Code: 043626
  • BIC/SWIFT: SBZAZAJ (bic/swift code for overseas customers only)

Please send proof of payment to [email protected] and we will top up your wallet.

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We can also create an account for you manually if you are struggling. Please bear in mind though we have tried to make the process as simple as possible. First time users simply need to top up their wallet and an account will be created automatically.

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