Work Riders’ Challenge

Charles Ndlovu

2015 Work Riders Challenge

The final leg of the 2015 Work Riders Challenge on Saturday, 2 May looks set for a 3-way battle between Charles Ndlovu, Lyle Hewitson and Francis Semela

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Amo Amas Amat

I’ve always been in love with horses and now the racing bug has bit, and I’m sure it’s there to stay. It’s hard to explain, I just feel it’s all I want to do.

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Chamu Mabaya

First Leg of Work Riders’ Challenge

You have to make good things happen in this life. Going to James Maree’s school and getting my licence to ride work has changed my life completely. There are quite a few grooms who have natural talent. They should go to Mr Maree’s school and, once there, work hard and develop their skills.

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James Maree

Going Fishing

It gives me enormous satisfaction watching them develop their skills and giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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Francis Semela

Semela On Top

Work rider Francis Semela , like all true champions, did not allow the opposition even a look in!

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